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A resident of India Ali Hussain Khan (Ali Hussain Khan) looks like a wizened old man, but in fact is a teenager - he's only 14 years old. A rare disease that turned into an Indian pensioner killed his siblings.

In 1983, the couple living in Bihar (Bihar), India, first child was born - the daughter Rehana (Rehana). Parents - Nabi (Nabi) and Razia (Razia) - closely followed the development of the child, so I noticed that in the second year of life with him began to happen that something was wrong: Rehana was unable to eat and no longer stand on his feet.

Worried about his wife's daughter found a local doctor, but he could not make a diagnosis, and sent them home. However, in 1987, Nabi and Razia again visited Aesculapius - they had a son with signs of the same strange disease that hit his older sister. The doctor did not bother to workplace performance and told the boy's parents that he was confused, but because he could not help.

Over the next few years, the couple had four more children, all of whom suffered from a mysterious disease. As they get older sons and daughters of Nabi and Razia began to attract everyone's attention, as have begun to resemble the elderly.

Parents of young old people were at a loss, not knowing what was the cause of the metamorphosis. Only in 1995, an expert who examined the children, spouses explained that their children suffer from a rare genetic defect known as progeria (from dr.grech. - The old man). The disease is characterized by a number of pathological changes inherent aging process, and usually finishes fatal.

"The doctor to whom we spoke were as ignorant as we are with his wife - bitterly says 50-year-old Nabi. - If only one of them told us that the whole point of genetic problems, we would have ceased to procreate children. Unfortunately, no one in our community do not believe that this is an incurable disease. Everyone thought our kids freaks ".

In 2004, the disease claimed the lives of two girls who just turned 12 and 15 years. Behind them are dead 24-year-old Rehana and her 22-year-old brother Ikramul (Ikramul).

Now the family Hussein had only one child - a 14-year-old Ali Hussain Khan.

Teen knows that his life can end at any time, but do not lose hope for recovery. He believes that doctors will be able to find a miracle cure that will prolong his life.


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