What to do if attacked by a dog

Why do dogs attack? There are many reasons: the protection or territory, or a mother protects her children, or the pain, fear. But most importantly - not the causes of the attack, and what to do in this situation, to avoid serious consequences after a meeting with scalps zhivotnym.Glavnoe - do not be frightened, and do not run. Although it is this idea first comes to mind. Running is useless, dog runs five times faster than humans. Exception: If there is an opportunity to quickly reach the point where you're guaranteed to find yourself out of reach of the dog: quickly climb a green tree, climb the vertical ladder, to take refuge in the porch or on the belt to enter the water (water dog, as a rule, very helpless).

If it is impossible to hide, be prepared to defend themselves. Assess the situation, possibly Cover: his back against the fence, wall, tree. This will help you stay on the site and protect against attacks from behind. Thrusting the bag, umbrella, folded clothes. The dog instinctively clung to this subject, and at this time you will be able to inflict a blow nogoy.

Improvise! Think about what you can use as a weapon. Used to protect all that is at hand. Suddenly open umbrella, flame lighters can distract and scare the dog. Throw stones at the dog or the ground, put your animal's mouth stick, bag or even a hand wound with a layer of clothing. And the main thing! Do not be afraid to make a noise, shout, whistle, call for help, you are alone with a dog long proderzhites.Vse these methods are good in theory. Of course, it is better never to experience them in practice. In any case, no harm will know that the most vulnerable places in the animal - a rib tip of the nose, nose, eyes, joints and the back of the paws.

Source: hozvo.ru/news/master_s_veterinarian/if_attacked_by_a_dog/


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