My dear man, I would like to ask in this life you have only one thing - to be a man!

My dear man, I would like to ask in this life you have only one thing - to be a man! Forget about the recent riot feminism - women carry bags, pay for them in the café, open doors for them, protect them, take on their issues. Maybe you will understand why all of this, and why are you when the thousandth time you come home, and everything is so uyutnenko, Towelie your different colors in the bathroom, a plate with a dinner worth. And maybe, when all will fall out of the hands - work, business, friends, and she - your good, next to every day - kissing hands, curled up at the feet lie and repeat to you that you are the best. And maybe when you see how much health and she lost her nerve, carrying a child of your heart, or when after hours of 12-16-20 in the throes of childbirth, it will give you an heir.

Be good to her.

Stop her nerves wag your pride, man's logic, strength of character. Call her. Especially when you have sworn to call her. If you only saw how bitterly she cries after you hung up, I slammed the door. No, not so beautiful she was crying, like in the movies show in the pillow and quietly. She weeps bitterly, wiping tears ugly, swollen, red face. She heard on the street, next door. She howls of pain, which causes her to you. Call her back, come. Grab her up and take out of this misery as from fire to fire.

Do not hurt her.
Do not shout, do not grieve. You kill her words. Her kind, gentle, true. It becomes an evil, cruel and vindictive, just because you once angrily into her face "Bad!". You are a thousand times regretted later on said, done, in the hearts of the abandoned. But the moment has passed. Part of her was dead, because you can not even imagine how it unbearably painful to hear from the most beloved and dear angry words. You then make peace, but she still can not forget. You do not recall, but the more times scroll your words in my head, cry alone will cut the heart into small pieces. And then you, dear man, will wonder where it so much cynicism and indifference. It scars from his heart and sew knits. Scars that are left there vy.Revnuyte ee.Strastno, violently, passionately. Beat his fists into the walls, stomp their feet, destroying everything around. Just never tell her that she was to blame. Do not reproach her not obvinyayte.Pust better "the goat that looked at her" will be around the wrong. But it is for you to let it remain svyatoy.Poverte me if she wants to change, it will change, but you do not recognize. But if you notice, she did it on purpose. What would be so even though you have shown her that jealous, so enjoy, appreciate and are afraid to lose. Then she hesitated, in itself, in your feelings. So afraid for your "we" .Govorite her most about it. Say it your all, that it is in heaven. Let it be in cine feigned let. Speak! If suddenly it will not be tomorrow. But it does not ever become. After all, all of us ever will not. Life is, after all she is very brief, so unpredictable, could end up in a jiffy. So, if it will not be tomorrow, you'll never get a chance to tell her everything. Say, dear, you say. Promise, spare no promises, do not be afraid to cheat. She is so happy when he hears the promise, when dreaming, hoping for something very good. She's so beautiful at this moment, so she's ... Did not she deserve? Yes, even if you parted the next day, is not it worth it all these fifteen minutes that you were in an embrace and a beautiful dream about your future! Worth it! Every second is worth it! Because so little in our lives these sekund.A we also restrict ourselves. We weigh, calculate, we think we are idiots hell build relationships! A relationship should just live! Just love, suffer, burn. To say that you think that's right now, here in this moment.


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