Sega has created an interactive sandbox for shopping and gaming halls

The company Sega, which Habré, I think everyone knows, recently announced an interesting new project: an interactive sandbox for the kids. However, the project is so interesting to play in this sandbox will be happy to adults (I would have played a couple of hours, so precisely).

Similar projects have already been a couple of times described Habré, but that was mainly DIY-projects, from individual craftsmen, and here - a project of the renowned corporations, which should go to the masses. Well, we are talking about the system consisting of the usual sandbox, multiple projectors and sensors determining the height of the pieces from the sand in the sandbox. The system has a computer and analyzing all the information received from the sensors, and managing the projected image.

If a child digs a hole in the sand, the projector immediately fill a hole "water", and let the fish swim there. If a child creates a situation, the computer considers it a hill or mountain, and populates the relevant animals. Furthermore, the projector comes over the sandbox, depending on the height of the figures. The deeper the pit, so it is blue - it seems that the bottom - deep water.

The more - the more elevation becomes like a mountain.

In addition, in the sandbox is happening and the change of seasons, you can watch all four seasons: summer, fall, winter and spring.

As for virtual animals that inhabit the world created by the baby, then they, too, can interact. Animals respond to touch or Team in close proximity to such a "body».

Sega will deliver similar sandbox, as mentioned above, to shopping centers, entertainment centers, game rooms and other similar places. Presumably, the children and their parents will be pleased.

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