Cooking eggs in the microwave

Exploding egg in the microwave - is a myth! In the photos next,
was captured experiment, which has denied this rumor.

First Things First, we decided that attracts iron mikrovolny.Dlya confirm this theory, we loaded into the microwave and two knives, orange, tomato, apple and egg. Nifiga did not work - the experiment failed. Iron is not a spark, fruits and vegetables do not even warmed up. Scientists are deadlocked and drank beer.

Left under the radiation source exclusively biological objects. The first signs of physiological lesion filed an apple - it produces a characteristic hissing sound and expired biological substance.

Further, in the footsteps of Apple went to pieces tomato and orange. At that time, the egg did not show signs of damage.

According to the results of the experiment turned out to be an egg cooked vkruuyu. While concomitant experimental facilities have undergone considerable destruction.


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