Heroes of our yard

Mr full moon, or, as it is called in Japan, Mangetsu-man does not fight crime and save the beauties. An unidentified man, hiding under the mask, chose his mission scavenging on the streets of Tokyo. Mangetsu-man first walked on the streets of the metropolis in the past year. Most often, a superhero and acceding volunteers wielded a broom from the old stone bridge in the business district of Nihonbashi.

Argentine superstar Menganno took to the streets of Buenos Aires in 2010. The man, dressed in a black suit and blue helmet, patrolled the city streets in search of the perpetrators. In early 2013, police detained a fighter against crime after he was fired show him suspicious people. Law enforcers have found that in the guise of a former policeman hiding Menganno Oscar Lefosse. The meeting ended with a superhero with the police, is unknown. Who fights crime continues to patrol the streets of the Argentine and regularly publishes updates in your Facebook, which were signed more than 40 thousand people.

The Japanese Tadahiro Kanemasu who dresses in a suit Space Ranger, called Carry-Your-Pram-Ranger (Ranger, who is your carriage). Superhero bears his watch at the entrance to the Tokyo subway and help people down the stairs heavy bags, and strollers.

His superheroes exist in Russia. One of them - man-Petersburg, which is struggling with rudeness, ignorance and indifference. Superhero invented students of the St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts Alexey Harchenko Ruslan Vadim Petrov and walleye. Wrestler with rudeness appeared in St. Petersburg in the autumn of 2011, and in 2012 its activity diminished. What is now engaged sverhvezhlivy hero is unknown.

Mexican hero Superbario Gomez, whose name is translated as man-neighbor, bears little resemblance to the classic superheroes. Because of his impressive physique, he is unlikely to catch up with the thief snatched the girl handbag. Superbario organizes meetings of the working people, the protests against tariff increases, or helps in court those who are evicted from their homes. In 1996, to raise awareness about the situation of Mexican workers in the US, person-neighbor announced that he would participate in the presidential election, but on the promises did not get.

Captain patrol the streets of Queensland Australia - one of the largest cities in the country. In his spare time, heroism crime fighter without revealing his identity, has two sons. Captain Australia believes that a superhero is obliged not only to patrol the streets and to help the needy, but also be a moral reference point for ordinary people. However, the police of the city, learning about the superhero, questioned his superpowers and asked not to interfere in the fight against crime.

Chinese girl superhero calling himself Zijing Woman, first appeared in Hong Kong in May 2011. Perhaps because of its petite appearance, she initially decided not to intervene in the fight against crime. Instead, it helps the poor and homeless - food, clothing, and even making gifts.

Briton Ken Andre - one of the few superheroes who does not hide his identity. At night, a retired military man, who has two sons, hides his face under a bandage and change the name to Shadow. Andre owns the martial arts, but always tries to reason with troublemakers without using force. Thus for particularly persistent bullies in the arsenal of Shadows has a wooden baton.

Super Vaclav Cech struggling with anti-social behavior of inhabitants of Prague. He poured water smokers, if they smoke near public transport, and throws feces at breeders who do not wish to clean up after their pets. Often Super Vaclav after his "heroics" himself has to flee.

San Diego (USA) lives not one, but several superheroes. They are part of "Extreme Justice League." Superheroes who are in the organization, not only patrol the streets at night and distribute food to the poor, but also regularly write about their successes on Facebook and conduct seminars on self-defense for women. The closest of them held on September 10.

Swedish hero Väktaren, whose name translates as The Guardian, patrolling the streets of Malmö - the third largest city in the country. Dressed in a blue suit and a white mask of the hero, who is looking for hooligans at night, suddenly his appearance frightened civilians in the city. The police may fear competition, asked him not to show initiative, so as not to hurt yourself.

Superhero from Vancouver, Canada, has decided to take its name of the Greek god of death Thanatos. This man helps homeless survive by buying their drinking water, food and blankets. "I was told that many of the homeless people who have nothing, look forward to death. And then I decided that death should bear their care, "- said a superhero in an interview.

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