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1. What happens if you fall into a black hole?
If you step into a small black hole, the tidal forces are so strong that the body will be stretched into a chain of atoms. But if you fall into a black hole larger, with less intense tidal forces, there is a chance to save its internal structure. Einstein's relativity theory suggests that if you look forward to the center of the black hole, you can see every object that fell into it in the past. If the look, you will see everything that ever fall into it in the future.


2. What would happen if the Earth were twice?
If the diameter of the Earth was twice the mass of the planet would have increased eight times, and the force of gravity on Earth would be twice as strong.


3. Who would have lived on Earth, if not a giant asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs?
In all likelihood, they might still rule the Earth. Based on the relatively large size of the brain last dinosaurs, we can assume that some sort of intelligent "dinozavroidy" could inhabit our planet instead of mankind.


4. What would happen if all people on Earth at the same time bounce?
If all 7 billion people simultaneously bounce, the planet moves in only one hundredth of a radius of an atom. When we landed back on Earth will come back place, like a spring.


5. What happens if the Earth's magnetic poles flip?
This may well happen - it is only a matter of time. The iron atoms in the liquid outer core of the planet is gradually changing its orientation every few thousand years.


6. What if the forces that shape molecules would be stronger?
Molecules are formed when protons in neighboring atoms "share" electrons. If the electromagnetic force that drives this will change, the universe is likely to be deprived of life.


7. What if the sun would be half?
At this size, the star would be much cooler and redder. Of course, no life on Earth at the same time would not exist.


8. What happens if you shoot a firearm in space?
If you are in a vacuum between galaxies, pulling the trigger literally forever send you hurtle through space. If a pistol shot in the solar system, your bullet will fly to the sun or to one of the giant planets. And if you shoot toward the horizon, standing on the moon, then theoretically you can shoot yourself in the back.


9. How would see people with an eagle eye?
In this case, we could see an ant crawling on the asphalt, from the roof of a 10-storey building. Objects directly in the field of view would be more clear and incomprehensible number of shades.


10. What happens if you fall into a volcano?
The high density of lava and its low viscosity means that a person does not have drowned, and would have stayed float on the surface before the burn.



Source: www.popmech.ru


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