Invisible - a mystical thriller


I never thought that I would have liked a movie about teenagers who are on the brink between life and death. Have not experienced anything like this after watching, so doubly glad I came across a mention of the "invisible" Goyer from a friend in one of the social networks.

The plot of the film at first glance quite simple. But as events unfold I delayed further and further into the abyss of the events, and to break away from the cinema and it was impossible to do. Looked at one go Invisible on and still go under the impression . Most likely, such a strong component of the fable of the "invisible" has been provided for this book. On the basis of quality of a literary work, with the right approach, you can remove no less successful film. As happened in this case.
Dynamic and mysterious developments complements the amazing nature, which in spite of its beauty and grandeur repellent. I suppose that this contributed to the atmosphere of the movie, because Nick was cruelly treated in a surprisingly attractive woods.
Liked and moral component of the film, which is much more important than the mystical overtones and dramatic moments. Here are raised as simple perennial topics that thousands of years can not find the answer.
Worth a look, as so clearly were not disclosed to the characters and their characters for a long time. There is not a hero - a manual for students of psychology.


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