17 intriguing films that make smash his head on the plot

Among the hundreds of thousands of films sometimes come across such that after finishing them you need some time to recover, because no one did not expect such an outcome. Such detectives, drama, thrillers and mystical painting is able to break up standard scenarios to smithereens…

The Life Of David Gale, 2002
USA, Germany, UK

Respectable intellectual, teacher and an ardent opponent of capital punishment (Kevin spacey) in a bitter twist of fate is on death row for murder and rape. All the evidence against him, and the truth came out, he asks a young and ambitious journalist (Kate Winslet) to understand its business. Extremely interesting film, with dizzying plot and development.

Ninety two million five hundred thirty one thousand one hundred forty seven

Insomnia, 2002
USA, Canada

A small town in Alaska shocked — there was a brutal murder of a young 17-year-old girl. Here immediately send a professional police from Los Angeles to investigate complicated case. And detective Dormer (al Pacino) at first, everything in the case seems simple enough, but one random (and random?) event is suddenly complicates things. The tension in the film is forced by the dialogues and the cold landscapes of Alaska. "Insomnia" is one of those rare examples where you're not just watching a movie, the wind and the smells on the other side of the screen. And suffer from insomnia along with the main character.

Eighty three million sixty nine thousand four hundred forty three

Obsession, 2004

"Obsession" — a subtle and intriguing film. It seems more a step to the side, and will be either uninteresting or unpleasant to watch. However, this is not happening. On the eve of an important business trip a successful financier Matthew says the restaurant his ex-girlfriend Lisa, who mysteriously disappeared two years ago. Forgetting everything, Matthew walks the path of deception and suspicion, to track her down. Trying to solve the puzzle using the cryptic clues, he accidentally meets another girl — her name is Lisa, and perhaps she known the mystery of the strange disappearance.

Eighty two million three hundred seventy four thousand one hundred eighteen

Taking lives, 2004
USA, Australia

Canada, Quebec. A mysterious maniac kills several people. Local police involved in investigating FBI agent to Illyan Scott (Angelina Jolie). Soon, it becomes clear that the killer likes to live someone else's life: to use the credit cards of the dead man, walk on his apartment to pay his taxes. Involuntary witness of the last murder artist Costa (Ethan hawke) is called to help the investigation, but will they be able to catch the elusive serial killer?

Seventy seven million nine hundred thirty seven thousand nine

Fracture, 2007
USA, Germany

The plot unfolds very trivial at first. The deceived husband (Anthony Hopkins) tries to kill his wife. It takes a young Prosecutor (Ryan Gosling) with one foot located on the other more prestigious and highly paid work, especially because everything is so clearly and understandably — is the recognition of the husband. However, it's not so simple, and gradually light, at first glance, it crumbles to dust in his eyes.

Twenty six million three hundred seventy six thousand five hundred twenty two

All the best, 2009

About family life and skeletons in the closet and that movie with Ryan Gosling and Kirsten dunst in the lead roles. The film depicts the story of the disappearance of the girl — Katie marks, who was the wife of David marks who belongs to an influential family in new York. The film, based on real events that will definitely force you to look at the pet viewers Ryan Gosling in new ways.

Thirty four million two hundred sixty one thousand seven hundred eighty one

Exam, 2009


From the very first minute the film only begins to explain what was going on: eight candidates for a successful and prestigious job — held only one. However, it is not so simple. Each of them must answer to a single question. But there is only one problem — the question no one heard. Guess who still remains and what was the question?

Fifty five million seven hundred thirty three thousand nine hundred seventy six

The girl with the dragon tattoo, 2009

We can argue which of the options best — Swedish or Hollywood 2011. But still original is original. Besides, the Swedish version of "Girl with the dragon tattoo", unlike American, is not as glossy. So, in the story, a talented journalist Mikael Blomkvist suddenly comes to grief in their activities, resulting in forced to serve time in prison. At the same time influential person Henrik Vanger instructs him the case of his missing niece, who mysteriously disappeared from the family estate. Being a skeptic at first, Michael doesn't believe in luck, but gradually with the help of "hacker in a skirt" Lisbeth Salander discovers a tangled and terrifying story connected with this family.

Thirty three million five hundred ninety six thousand seven hundred ninety seven

Three days on runaway, 2010
USA, France

The life of the protagonist of John seemed perfect, until his wife was arrested on suspicion of murder. While Lara is in jail, he is one son and tries all ways to prove her innocence, risking everything for her... But then she really guilty? Those who do not like slow psychological movie, always wait for the last third of the film, where emotions and internal tension is through the roof.

Sixty five million fifty five thousand five hundred twenty seven

Black Swan, 2010

This film is worth a look at least in order to enjoy the game Natalie Portman. After all, no wonder it is this pattern in her filmography was awarded the prize "Oscar". The plot is built around a prima ballet, which has suddenly appeared a dangerous competitor, able to take away from the main character all the parties. She needs to change the face on stage, but she changes his life. Another proof that perfectionism is not always useful.

Sixty six million two hundred one thousand eight hundred seventy eight

Best offer 2012

The adventure Thriller, in which an elderly Virgil Oldman — managing Director of a leading auction house. Along with his old partner, he pulled hundreds of scams, and now his house is a hiding place, which contains hundreds of portraits of women, written with a brush of great masters of different eras. Once in his life bursts into a mysterious woman, begging him to estimate her huge property that was left after the death of his parents. Throughout the film it seems that the solution is very close, but the Director cleverly confuses the invisible threads of the plot, deceiving everyone around you.

Fifty five million three hundred sixteen thousand three hundred seventy two

Looper, 2012
USA, China

Extremely intricate futuristic Thriller about the future. The main character of the film Joe is a very unusual job. He looper — the one who closes the time loop. In the more distant future, the advanced criminals have come up with a great way to deal with objectionable persons: they are Packed in the same uniform, attached to the back of the bag with silver bullion (charged to the recipient for the service) and sent to 30 years ago, where the profits are waiting for a killer looper that sends the stuff to the light. But one day Joe came to "work", receives from the future... himself.

Two million nine hundred fifty three thousand eight hundred six

The illusion of deception, 2013
France, USA

"The four horsemen" — a magic that gather full houses at their shows, and at the same time make the unthinkable robbery. Of course, with the help of their tricks. The police and security services in disarray, because they don't believe in magic. Here born detective beginning: whether magicians so skillfully pull stunts or just fooling people? And, perhaps, actually "riders" five?

Forty four million two hundred fourteen thousand six hundred sixty

Trance 2013
Britain, France

In the center of the plot — the kidnapping of the auction house employee Simon (James McAvoy) of a Goya painting. Unexpected indecent during the theft deprived Simon's memory. With the help of his poddelnik and hypno-therapist Elizabeth young man begins to remember what had happened to the expensive fabric. Add to this plot, stylish decorations, an atmospheric soundtrack and good game of actors and get a good psychological Thriller.

Fifty two million one hundred thirty nine thousand nine hundred thirty eight

Before I sleep 2013
USA, UK, France, Sweden

The film is based on the novel by British doctor and writer S. J.Watson and shows the story of a woman who lost her memory in the accident. Every day she wakes up in a strange house with a strange man, thinking she is still 20 years old, although in reality she was already 40. Different people give it different information it gathers bit by bit and trying to record, but if we can find the truth and to find out what happened actually, if in the morning she can't remember anything?

Ninety seven million nine hundred sixty thousand one hundred eighty eight

The disappeared, 2014


If you missed the hit by David Fincher, filmed on the novel by Gillian Flynn, catch up. Everything was ready for the celebration of the fifth anniversary of married life main characters nick and Amy, when suddenly the wife disappears. Calling the police doesn't help, rather the situation gets even worse. Somehow, the clues start to point to the nick. But... we will not reveal all the cards.

Sixty five million sixty four thousand two hundred thirty five

Out of the car, 2015

The film's plot is very intriguing and amusing, it is very interesting to observe the interaction of human and machine intelligence. A young programmer Caleb won the first prize in the competition from a major computer Corporation, and he is awaiting a meeting with an electronics genius and part-time Director of the company in which lucky. For what? In order to have it during the week tested a female robot that has artificial intelligence. The result is a kind of "mind games". And who will come out the winner — that's the main mystery.published 

Thirteen million two hundred seventy three thousand nine hundred two


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