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Good and evil people at the same time, "gingerbread" architecture, Russian bath, Siberian shamans and the Moscow Uzbek-illegal immigrant - a palette of experiences was an American who first came to Russia. By what he saw he treated with humor, although much by his own admission, it remains a mystery to him.

There are countries in the world, about which they say that it is - a "thing." For example, the United States - a "thing." Japan, United Kingdom, India - definitely a "thing." But "with their kings, the Soviet flag, writers and composers, vodka, the letters" I "," I ", the KGB, Siberia, Lenin and Stalin and Gorbachev to Putin, Russia might - the thingish thing in the world," writes Business Insider. After traveling to Russia for two weeks, the author decided to summarize their impressions.

"What I learned before you go." What Russia 146 million people - slightly more than in Japan, but less than in Bangladesh. It is the largest country in the world, and it has become such after a series of gains in the 16-17 centuries - "and for some reason all just decided that it is normal that Russia in subsequent centuries has left the land itself." The Russian border was part of Alaska, even by the US in 1867, bought from Russia for 7, 2 million, that is, the price of 2 cents per acre. This deal, Americans considered the then unprofitable, said the article.

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With regard to the political history, the first was the Grand Duke. Then Ivan the Terrible decided it was better to be a king. Then Peter the Great decided that the emperor be even steeper. Then last emperor Nicholas II was assassinated and self rulers were quite long. Among them were Vladimir Lenin first, then "bad" Stalin, then a few more people to Mikhail Gorbachev and the collapse of the USSR, and then in the Russian Federation was the first president Boris Yeltsin and then Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Medvedev, then, and then, Putin - the author presents in one long sentence.

Along the way, he was surprised that in the old days, Russian rulers were getting pretty weird nicknames. There are, of course, "normal", such as Peter the Great, Alexander the Liberator and Yaroslav the Wise. But there is a funny, such as Ivan the Terrible, Svyatopolk the Accursed and Alexei quietest and Yuri Dolgoruky, Vsevolod Big Nest - just weird nicknames. "Imagine that you grow a future ruler, you think you are the next Grand Jury or Jury Conqueror, and eventually someone decides that you Yuri Dolgoruky, and now it's your name forever," - reflects the Business Insider.

"What I learned when I was here." First, "people can not decide with what they are - a very good or very wicked." The author's attitude was initially wary, so he was pleasantly surprised by the fact that at times he was treated much better than at home. People at the airport and at the station to help him when they saw that he was in trouble, without asking for help. On the other hand, there were those who acted cool and aloof. Exactly five times the author appealed to the passers-by with the question of the road, and people pretended that he did not notice the man ("the first time it shocked me, and then very fond of, when I realized that this is a real cultural feature"). < br />
America then people do not like, said a traveler. On issues such as Ukraine about all he was told that "the United States sent a lot of money Ukrainians against Russia for purely selfish reasons." The "one because it does not behave disgustingly against me personally, they just calmly explained to me that, unfortunately, my country - g ... oh, that's all».

Putin attitude contradictory: first, all the interlocutors praised Putin, then the author came across "a large number of people who have exactly the opposite attitude - that is, Liberals - and that Putin perceived as US Democrats George W. Bush. " But all of them combined a strong pride in the country, the dream of Russia to be a world power, as well as irritation of the fact that Russia is considered the world's evil, gushing vodka country.

World War II then called the Great Patriotic War, recalled with only about 1941-1945 years, the magazine writes. Many continued to talk with the author in Russian, even after he made it clear that in Russian knows only five words - "it happened often, and I still do not understand why." And many machines - RHD, although movement in the country right hand.

Finally, the "Siberia - actually exists." It occupies 77% of Russian, but live there only a quarter of the population. "Most of it looks like»:

The author was surprised that quite often in the region the temperature drops to -34 degrees and sometimes to -58, and classes in schools with the override, but if the temperature falls below -40. Once in the Republic of Tuva, the traveler saw people completely Mongoloid type, the Buddhist faith, and often living in yurts - and he had to specifically remind himself that he was still in Russia. "And then I asked people about urban policy and find out that their leader appointed Putin, who is on the other side of the planet».

Business Insider is especially strange group of people seemed to just relax in the city park: two bare-chested men, one of them - in the circumcised by shin jeans near a woman in an evening gown and heels, and even more young men were in jackets. Well, I do not know. Moving on ».

The most amazing thing in Russian - is how seriously they take their "gingerbread architecture", such as "seductive" St. Basil's Cathedral. Which, incidentally, built Ivan the Terrible, "Who knows what he thought about the world in fact, but I decided to consider him a man whom everyone feared, who was obsessed with rainbow color swirls, and anyone who is on it because it laughed, immediately beheaded. " Cathedral in general is similar to the "Princess House" Ivan the Terrible and just insisted on it:

And this architecture was everywhere, down to the "deadly serious bears the name" Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood.

"The moment that causes most of shame" - this is when "I whipped a grown man, to whom I was naked." And that's not all the misfortunes that happen to a man in a Russian bath, writes Business Insider.

You walk into a room with "hot hot steam," and wait for someone you do not iskhlestaet. Then you go out and three seconds wildly rejoice that you have come out before jumping into the icy water. Then you go out and experience the amazing feeling of returning to the "boiling room." At some point, you decide that it will last a lifetime. "Of course, then I felt great, and there's more in life I do not repeat».

In addition, the traveler has learned from the Siberian medium, that he has a dark side, and that she lives in his left testicle. In Tuva, he was also fascinated by throat singing and interviewed local shaman - who in the end decided that the head of the author of "bad" and that it needs to be corrected through the "creative self-mutilation." "If you are driving a bill, it was the second time in a week, when I whipped adult man».

In Moscow, the author saw the girl with the "hair of the longest" knee-doll face and Bin Laden.

Dried fish, which are sold along the Trans-Siberian Railway, the traveler called "the most upsetting snack on the go", because buying it, he thereby upset all their neighbors in the train. And he stayed one day, "Mustafa - Uzbek illegal migrants who wears a bear suit," to understand what is his life. The most striking landmarks travel writer recorded not only in photos but also in videos posted on the website Business Insider.

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