Ministry of Education of Ukraine lifted the ban in 2007 on the use of mobile phones in schools

Sergei Ack (Minister of Education of Ukraine) signed a decree number 920, which refers to the lifting of the ban on the use of phones by schoolchildren on May 24, 2007 № 420. According to the ministry, the use of smart phones can be helpful in the learning process. Below I would like to describe their views on this issue and propose to discuss it in the comments.

I remember myself in years of study and understand that without a smartphone on Symbian OS, I would not really zdal large number of tests on related subjects during their studies in higher education. Getting excellent grades in mathematics at school I had absolutely no interest in chemistry, geography and many other subjects. The development of the same guglokart significantly raised my knowledge of geography a few years ago. Randomly found in Wikipedia articles often help to understand many things in chemistry, biology and similar sciences. And understanding it comes completely out of the form in which the school years we have tried to present the information.

Nowadays, the use of information technology should greatly change the approach to teaching children. At a time when every child has a pocket device that helps you find absolutely any information, silly require a huge amount of hack completely uninteresting and unnecessary information. Develop the ability to find information just when you need it - this is the basis of learning the majority of subjects in the future. The school must submit the information so that each student could understand what exactly and in what form he needs to find. That is, the head must be a certain base, the volume of which already must depend on the interest of the person to the subject with some minimum bar.

It is clear that no Wikipedia does not replace the practical experiments in chemistry and physics, attacks the nearest park in biology classes and problem solving in mathematics. Meaning as in the fact that in making the learning process more interesting and interactive.

I propose to discuss in the comments of possible applications of smart phones in the training and the idea in general. Did you use a smartphone for passing the exam?
Yes, in high school
Yes, at school
Yes, at school and HIGH SCHOOL
During my study has not yet been smartphones Only registered users can vote in polls. Sign , please. 1095 people have voted. 86 people abstained. Should we allow children to use smart phones in the classroom?
Yes, only if the process is controlled by the use of a teacher
Do not know < /
No, I have a standard for training in the books and records on the board Only registered users can vote in polls. Sign , please. 1050 people have voted. 101 people abstained.



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