Family, blessed children, was considered by the people - will be happy.

At all times, people with reverence for pregnant women, maternity, mother. A century ago brought up in families of many children, pregnancy and childbirth are natural and desirable for any woman event. Family, blessed children, was considered by the people - will be happy. To become a mother and have it in the fullest sense of the word sought to every woman.
For most of our foremothers, until the mid-twentieth century, the purpose of life was by maternal and marital duties as a salutary ministry, in bearing and raising children. Recall that only the XX-th century gave the woman a palette of a variety of exciting professions and possibly selected skill to be a mother. Based on the purpose of life, to build and attitude to pregnancy and childbirth.
Traditions associated with pregnancy and childbirth, were familiar to every woman and handed down from generation to generation, from mother to daughter. Has not yet reached the marital age, girls, girls become parties process of gestation, birth and parenting.
In small towns, villages, families lived in small houses and willy-nilly girls have seen their mothers gave birth. Older children can and provide all possible assistance to: bring water to file necessary to look after the younger children. Therefore, entering the childbearing age, women did not have the fear of pregnancy and childbirth, to treat them as desirable and natural events. Women in the old days was much less fear of pregnancy and childbirth than those of us who live in the XXI century.
Since the birth of a child - the great mystery of nature, there are many rites of pregnancy and childbirth. Each nation has evolved its own customs, dedicated to pregnancy and childbirth. We'll talk about those that have developed among our people. First of all, it should be noted that the news of pregnancy, despite the large number of families and the complexity of life, our great-grandmother brought joy. Future mother guarded by hard work, bad news, quarrels. In her presence was forbidden to swear, swear, she could not refuse to comply with the request.


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