10 facts that had previously been considered indecent

Times change, and with them and changing mores. What once was considered indecent, now seems perfectly normal, as well as the fact that in some countries is considered shameful and terrible in others - quite ordinary. Let's learn some new facts on this subject.

In the salons of the XIX century it was considered indecent for a man to invite a lady to dance more than 3 times. After the second dance he had to announce their engagement.

In the US, women still never "suggest marafet" in public. It is considered rude, as well as a look at the people in the mirror.

Gloves were once purely home accessories. Despite the fact that the gloves were a great many (sports, ballroom, hunting and special gloves lackeys) Wear gloves only at home, as the people doing it was considered indecent.

In 20-ies of XX century in Russian schools it was considered indecent to write correctly, because it was not a proletarian. For literacy could even write a denunciation.

The UK is considered indecent to knit in public. Although you can tell stories related to knitting. Incidentally, in the recent British knitting addicted men. Knitting has become the third after football and politics topic in bars and pubs.


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