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Habits and customs, like everything else in this world changing. It is absolutely normal considered acts or things that were once considered unacceptable and obscene. I suggest you look at the top once indecent things. Rule of salons XIX, now sunk into oblivion: the girls had the right to dance with the same partner for no more than two dances. After the second joint dance man was obliged to announce the engagement with the lady.

In the United States is still considered indecent correct makeup in public areas. Yes there makeup - just look in the mirror - is indecent.

Despite the huge variety of typical gloves (sports, ballroom, hunting and special gloves for lackeys), previously they were considered only home accessories and wear them only at home.

20 years of the last century were a haven for Russian students: write competently was indecent, not a proletarian.

Knitting in the UK public is considered indecent act. Although you can discuss knitting. What is surprising, knitting has now become popular among British men, and the third after football and politics topic in bars and pubs.

For a long time resident of Bulgaria, not to treat you with at least one and a half liters of wine was considered inhospitable. In this country, where the wine is worth a penny, is it right for men to drink at least 1, 5 liters of wine daily.

The Japanese tea ceremony is full of traditions and rules, one of which is the correct position: indecent sit cross-legged or pulling them towards the neighbor. All participants of the ceremony have to sit on their heels.

In Russia, at the junction of XIX - XX centuries. considered indecent to have the cottage area of ‚Äč‚Äčless than 10-12 acres.

In Thailand, to show affection in public - indecent. By gestures symbolizing the manifestation of tenderness and touching heads include the person or pat him on the shoulder.

During the period of nobility in Russia was considered indecent to become half-turned to the man during a conversation, and closely examine people not to put them in an awkward position or deny self.



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