Kitchen Gadgets (21 photos)

I suggest you get acquainted with the most unusual kitchen appliances, as well as comical devices and utensils that you amuse a lot. Teapot tea and coffee ...
This unusual device is in development, but it is very possible that he will soon be made and will go on sale.

Complex occurs with a simple coffee and tea in this unusual device, which consists of two glass balls on a support. This device will allow to save time and to prepare and tea and coffee simultaneously using one and the same apparatus.

Stand serves as a heater and two transparent bowl - the role of the coffee maker and the teapot tea.

The beads consist of two parts, the bottom part is placed ground coffee or tea leaves, and the upper - water, after which begins to heat pressing. On the lower tier of the stand is placed cup, which drain the finished beverage. This device is ideal for families in which both like to drink different drinks.

Useful things for the kitchen
Love spaghetti, but do not like to wind them on the fork? It does not matter! You will find useful rotating plug on batteries, which itself long pasta wound on the device.

For cleaning use orange ordinary knife is not convenient, so special knives were invented to facilitate the cleaning of orange peel. Here are some of them:

Love to drink beer with foam? Then you will come in handy for a beer mug with a special device in the handle that allows you to refresh a layer of foam, if the beer to settle. Strange invention, given that usually wants to get rid of the foam.

To form foam in a glass of beer, just click on the lever on the handle, which is connected to a spring at the bottom. The spring pushes the air at the bottom of the glass, the bubbles rising up.

Another invention helps to pour beer from cans. With this dispenser is not lost a single drop! This device was invented in Japan, where it is believed that at loading beer from cans can shed some liquid. Special plastic cap with dispenser is put on the jar and pour the beer allows the glass. The dispenser also allows you to get the perfect ratio of fines and drink - 3 to 7.

How cool wine without ice? This will help you a wonderful invention Corkcicle (Eng. Cock - plug + icicle - icicle). This device consists of a conventional wine cork and long sticks with liquid inside as icicles.

Keep the device in the freezer, and when you need to insert it in an open bottle of wine. The device will cool the liquid inside, with tightly closing the bottle. The creators claim that a certain cool temperature of wine in the bottle will be maintained for an hour.

Original forms for frying eggs.
Without it, you just can not do! This original invention created for those for whom aesthetics dishes plays an important role.

Separator for eggs
Another tool to help separate the egg yolks from the whites without difficulty. Made in the form of eggs this device has a narrow opening from the bottom, through which goes heavier protein, leaving the yolk inside.

The original egg separator.

Citrus juicer can be very different, classic made in the form of a semicircle with the faces, but there are very interesting options:

Do not know how to clean pineapple? It does not matter! Pineapple cutter will do all the work for you.

Tool for removing cuttings from strawberries. Without it does not do.

Original Pizza Cutters
Scissors for pizza with stand eliminates the need to wield a knife and spoil the trays. This ingenious invention will allow you to carefully cut slices of pizza without spoiling the product.

Dispenser for butter will not only be stored in the refrigerator in a covered container, but will cut it in neat slices without having to dirty knives.

Mechanical Pelmennica
It has long been no secret that the dumplings and dumplings love not only in the Slavic countries, these dishes are all over the world, only one people call them differently. To make life easier invented many devices and appliances in order to sculpt these delicious pastry.
For example, in Japan invented here is a mechanical device with wheels for the production of the same flat dumplings and dumplings:

Included with the apparatus, in addition to the basic devices, there are also forms of dough and the filling spout. This allows you to do all the same shape dumplings.

By the same token device works ravioli - Italian pasta with filling. It allows you to make beautiful and smooth ravioli width of 30 mm each.

Cook with pleasure and get pleasure from the result. All coming good appetite and good mood!



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