Photo project "disappearance". Wildlife Art Wolfe (16 photos)

American wildlife photographer Art Wolfe more than 35 years traveling through the mountains, forests and deserts in search of amazing shots of wildlife and animals. This project called "disappearance", he showed animals and birds that are before our eyes merge with wildlife thanks to its camouflage. Try to find all the animals. How many seconds or minutes it took you to see the animal in the photo?

And now? How is beautiful - a real idyllic world of plants and birds!

Art, says: "The collection of photographs requires a lot of time, I still have more work in this project».

By the way, the author began work on his masterpiece in 1989, and showed a series of photos ready only in 2005, that is, 16 years later!

Art says that the main objective of his work - to support and develop the idea of ​​perfect beauty of planet Earth.

It's all very simple, and very beautiful!

Terrific! But, perhaps, anyone can see like a walk in the wild forest.

It seems the birds are particularly fortunate with natural camouflage!



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