Slavic technique improve vision.

Our ancestors did not know the computer, but cared about the health of their eyes
The ancient system of gymnastic exercises included in a variety of eye movements, activating blood circulation in the eye and brain. After these exercises, people will feel much fresher. These exercises well remove mental fatigue (based relief - interconnection between the oculomotor nerve and the nerve cells of the brain), help strengthen the muscles around the eyes, to maintain skin elasticity age, delay the aging process.
Here are a few exercises:
Tightly close and wide open eyes 5-6 times in a row with an interval of 30 seconds.
Look up, down, right, left, without turning his head.
Rolling his eyes in a circle: down, right, up, left, and vice versa.

Exercises are performed sitting, repeating each 3-4 times at intervals of 1-2 minutes. The total duration of 10-15 minutes. Exercises 2 and 3 is recommended to not only open but also with eyes closed.

Complex for tired eyes:
1.Vypolnyaetsya sitting. Squeezed his eyes shut his eyes for 3-5 seconds, then open them for 3-5 seconds. Repeat 6-8 times. Exercise strengthens the muscles of age, improves blood circulation and relax the eye muscles.
2.Vypolnyaetsya sitting. Fast blinking for 1-2 minutes. Improves blood circulation.
3.Vypolnyaetsya standing.
 - Look straight ahead 2-3 seconds;
 - Put a finger at a distance of 25-30 cm from the eye;
 - Translate gaze at the tip of your finger and look at it for 3-5 seconds;
 - Lower the arm.
Repeat 10-12 times. Reduces eye fatigue, facilitates visual work at close range. Those who use glasses or lenses, perform this exercise without having to remove them.
4.Vypolnyaetsya sitting.
 - Close the eyelids;
 - Massage them in a circular motion with your finger for 1 minute. Relaxes muscles and improves circulation.

5.Vypolnyaetsya sitting.
 - Three fingers of each hand are easy to press on the upper eyelid;
 - After 1-2 seconds to remove fingers with age. Repeat 3-4 times. Improves circulation of intraocular fluid.


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