A selection of amazing and interesting facts about children

1. The average age at which children begin to use the microwave - seven years.

2. The three-year boy's voice is louder than 200 adults voice chatting in a restaurant.

3. Genes fathers tend to determine the growth of the baby, maternal genes - their weight.

4. On average, a child asks for a four-year 437 questions a day.

5. Watching TV can be used for children's natural painkillers.

6. In ancient Greece, children of wealthy families were dipped immediately after birth in a bath of olive oil, then to lifelong they did not grow hair.

7. Pharaoh Ramses II was 160 children.

8. patella in children formed only three years. Before that age, they are cartilage.

9. In the XVII century and the girls and boys of England and New England (the region in the northeast of the United States) wore dresses to seven years.

10. Children under six years of age are at the greatest risk of burn or otherwise injure your hands.



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