And we do not have TV at home


And here I understand it kirdyk. Because that's worth a bunch tetenek under and 40 and nearly a notebook in hand waiting for me, kid, detailed master class on "How I forced his son to love books," prepared in advance horrified draconian methods. For normal, they tried everything and the guys are left. And I start them quite seriously trying to explain that you can not MAKE a man to love. No matter what. And they - do not understand. After all, my son likes to read? So, I got to get it ?! Conversation turned magical:
 - Well, if it constantly read everything. Both I and my husband, and my grandmother ... He sees and reads himself. Houseful of books ...
 - We also have a full house, my dad still collected a library, books were scarce then. Three cabinet of books, even the pages are not stuck - take it, read it. And all the time we buy - and magazines, and detectives ... And he still sits in front of the TV!
 - And we have no TV ...
 - Absolutely. We do not look. We read.
So primitive people looked at the shaman, just a wave of the hand stopped the cave bear. Here it is, the parent feat! Unsubscribe from the TV in the name of a child to read! Go to such terrible deprivation !!!
 - What do you do at night?
 - We talk, for example ...
 - About what? We are discussing here is that seen on TV!
 - And we - who that day happened. Read books. Ever since his menagerie potter, I embroider ...
 - No background ?!
 - No, why - the music turn on the computer.
 - A news?
 - Internet radio. Yes, and I'm not particularly interested in the news something. The most important thing on the radio say, and details of the personal lives of stars I'm not interested.
 - Well, how do you ... do not know what is happening in the world ...
Look not as celestial - as a dangerous lunatic.
 - And as a child without cartoons?
 - On the drive on your computer.
 - A serialized? Our out of Spider-Man watched right now about robots some ...
 - Why do they it? He reads books, they are interesting.
 - I do not know ... How can the boy COVER interesting robots ?!
Like-like ... what up, damn it!
 - And to the computer did not start up?
 - Why, he has his own there.
 - And is not permitted to play the whole day?
 - He does not want to, he was not interested.
 - How Come?
 - The book is interesting.
 - A book can not be fun! This same child !!!
Here, I have a mother-echidna.
 - And what is he now you reading?
 - Kassil.
 - Who ?!
 - (Almost plaintively) Kassil. Lion ... (well not be such !!! Well, think of it, did not hear, sometimes ...)
 - It's kind of NEXT Harry Potter?
 - Well, there, Leo and Kassel Is there any room ...
AAAAAAAAAAAAA fucking !!! 8 people neither knew who Leo Kassil !!! NONE !!! I could only plaintive bleat something like: yes, only the time of the October Revolution ...
(Fan-fic - Harry Potter And The Great October Revolution. Voldemort on the armored car captures the Telegraph. Dumbledore wrapped machine-gun tape. Snape with a mustache on a spirited hippogriff. Hermione with a machine gun and a red scarf. Hagrid in a leather jacket and a true Mauser remelting of the King -Pushki. Gangster chieftain Lucius Malfoy Tauride in fur cap and vest. Ahh, shoot me !!!!).
 - And yet - how can you make SON enjoy reading ?!
 - Well ... that you like to read?
 - And I no longer have to! I HAVE finished school, Your chastised !!!
And on the left. They - home to the TV, like all normal people. I - home to her son, her husband and the beasts. In the Stone Age, where no TV, and there are books. With pasted pages, and not as prestigious scarce things.



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