Genetically modified creatures

Scientists persistently create more and more genetically modified objects, regardless of the number of side effects. If before we were afraid of GMOs in products, then it's time to alert. Already got to people.

"Strangers" children

For the first time these children were born in 2001. DNA of these babies included hereditary characteristics of three parents, ie in children attended foreign cells. They were born by transplantation of cytoplasm.

Moreover, the gene will be inherited to the next generation, and doctors all over the planet sounded the alarm, so that will develop uncontrollable anomalies. But generally infants with two DNA may appear if already present in the body foreign cells. This phenomenon is called microchimerism.

Method almost immediately banned the Agency by the Food and Drug Administration. A child is living ...

Bald chickens resistant to avian influenza

Israel withdrew breed chickens that do not suffer from bird flu. Conveniently, that they should not be plucked. But the taste of chicken meat differs so much that the popularity of the chickens did not enjoy.

Hypoallergenic cats and dogs

«Lifestyle Pets» brought the breed for lazy people who do not want to be engaged in the care of their pets. Hypoallergenic dogs and cats are altered DNA, so their body does not produce substances, which usually occurs in people allergic to. While not known how it affects the health of the animals themselves. Price pet reaches $ 7,000. The company also offers another method, more savage. The usual cats and dogs are invited to prick the drug that their body does not produce the allergenic protein. The method of "genetic silence" is held under the supervision of experts of the center.


Thanks to genetic engineering, managed to make fishing extra rapid breed, fatten weight. Also, scientists have achieved that were born predominantly males. This is because the female, nurturing the young, are the eggs in the mouth, protecting them from the external environment. At this time they are hungry and lose weight. A male does not interfere, and make them more cost effective.

Golden seahorses

Vietnamese scientists have deduced cute skate for beauty. He shines like made of gold, and can be a wonderful gift for the aquarist. To display the form, the researchers mixed gold dust and jellyfish protein, and this mixture was added to the eggs of sea horses. The method of "genetic shooting", according to scientists, will soon find wide application in medicine, because it can be used to replace diseased cells healthy.

Therapeutic milk camels

In the DNA of camels make changes, and eventually give camel genetically modified milk. Dubai scientists believe that milk is not only nutritious, but also therapeutic.

Anti-malarial mosquitoes

Mosquitoes carry malaria. And from her in hot countries dies huge number of people. Scientists have managed to isolate the gene that is dominant. These mosquitoes will also transmit malaria, but when pairing a dominant gene will suppress the genes that allow the transmission of disease. In my opinion, the most correct achievement of genetic engineering.


The greatest number of experiments conducted on cows. Already learned to withdraw hornless cows, cows, uchtoychivyh to rabies infection, cows whose meat is tastier than usual, whose milk is fatter than the other.
For example, there is a Belgian Blue cow. This is a breed that has been bred by breeding-long. Cows are renowned gentle lean meat, foodies who love the whole world.

Belgian Blue cow

Pork flavored spinach

Japanese scientists who have always advocated for a healthy lifestyle, have managed to implant pig gene in the DNA of spinach, which allows you to convert saturated fats to unsaturated pork. The breed is called Popeye Pigs, in honor of the sailor Papaya who love spinach.

Pets, glowing in the darkness

Friendly modified again to negligent owners could sleep peacefully. Coat of cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs should glow in the dark. This is to ensure that the owners did not lose their animals. In experiments with genes that give glow, there is a great future. It is believed that the introduction of such genes into the DNA to prevent progression of HIV, as well as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases.

Plus art reproduction can be considered caterpillars, silkworms that produce the basis for creating a glowing filament. The result of this production is the creation of a unique glowing silk.


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