Office complete freedom

The biggest Internet company in Western Europe was invited to visit

The staff is in no way limited. First of all, the food. The boxes are public kilograms of chocolate.

Liters of soda and yogurt - all for free.

The company has decided not limited to the London office in Soho and attracted developers in Russia. In the center of Moscow, next to the metro station, overlooking the Pipe area.

Orange restrictions here either. But it is impossible to harass employees at more than 30 kilograms of juice a day.

Kitchen - the largest room in the office. Strange that Lozhkyn not the original, and printing. But the real bell, it convenes on teambuilding. On Friday a mini corporate parties can bring friends and acquaintances. For us it is important that employees have seen people close to where and how they work.

This is the main occupant of the kitchen - macaw Clara. She is only a year old, but she already speaks very well and knows a bunch of expressions used in team building.

Worry about the waist of employees should not be - their fitness is also no limits. They even pay extra for 36 thousand rubles a year for lessons.

On the food staff also throw up 6500 rubles a month. But, in contrast, from other companies on a monthly basis, they do not burn and can save money. Alcohol and cigarettes they spend at work, only to buy food at nearby establishments.

Learning foreign languages ​​is also not limited, and is payable by the company. All peregovorki were employed tutor in the corridor, and even a couple of employees has declined to be under the supervision of the teacher.

Everything is allowed! Collecting lovely pink horses ...

But the shower in the office - it's really cool. Cyclists will appreciate.

Any self-respecting office must have some kind of legend. Is she here. Three telephone booth - a tribute to the roots of English (very strange why not Russian). They are necessary for private conversations. But the original London to use did not work - they weigh a ton each, the overlap is not designed to. I had to make a wooden copy. And since they are not real, then they decided to paint them in cheerful colors. So jaunty paint, despite the built-in ventilation, they still had to keep open. Now the paint is weathered, but the habit to put things under the door remained.

London has traditionally plastered with ads booths offering to spend leisure time, girls. The company also wanted to do so, but then decided that it would distract developers.

Data centers are located in Europe, Miami and Hong Kong. The server behind the Secretary is used exclusively for intra needs.


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