The sum of what is happening in Ukraine on 19.06.2014

Speak out. It was conducted by applause ... and why escort? Sane minister, has a clear position. Poroshenko frightened putlera? Or the contract already. Straining it all. Again, put a fence on Bankovoj, nothing in the economy for small business have not changed. Again prozheraem loans and their businesses do not want to raise. Amnesty for small and medium businesses have failed. Poroshenko dotyanet until fall? About the ATO will not even start. Daily monitor Posts George Tooke impression that the Ministry of Defence still on holiday. And finally, an interesting fact. Kievvodokanal belongs Akhmetov, and my co-op house pays for the water to the general account in Sberbank of Russia. An interesting picture is obtained. What we do not buy petrol at Lukoil and TNK - that's great, but that money goes to Russia from Kiev for hot and cold water - it's a paradox. And the rest of "oil painting»!

Basil Vakulko


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