About fears, candidates and excesses

Read comments from Russia and Ukraine and quiet SE mleyu.
Scary right quadrant! Yarosh breaks for President! The fascists in power!
And like people are different writing, including the head and mournful. But also write this crap and do believe in it.

Repeat what I have already said more than once or twice.

People who are now at the helm of power in Ukraine - legitimately chosen deputies. All of them had long since come in various political forces deputies. Yes, including the representatives of the Ukrainian Association have "Freedom" that stand in the position close to the radical nationalism. Close, but ... There's a difference.

Show me, please, the Nazis came to power. Or Nazis. Or homosexuals. Or pedophiles with russophobes.
All today's russophobia is under a clear and substantial grounds - the annexation of the Crimea and the military dancing around the borders of Ukraine. And yet - the great joy of Russians about the meanness that their guns, committed risen from his knees state.

All the fears that arose in connection with the Nazi coup in Kiev, which strongly exaggerated by the Russian media, sucked from a particular organ of the great and dreadful poo. In particular, from the finger. Have you thought about what?)))
Steep us Nazis, however - they all one, that the Jews, the Armenians, that Russian with Belarus - only to have been betrayed his country. But, of course, true Russian media know better.

Now for the rating in the presidential race. It is, rather, to the southeast of the country than for the Russians. Neighbors - even Poroshenko SS and the Bandera wing anti-Semite, who came to power by overthrowing the most honest, the best, intelligent and unselfish president in the history of Ukraine.
Overall rating is as follows.

For Poroshenko ready to vote 28, 2% of respondents (or 42, 3% of those surveyed who just goes to the polls and decided on the candidacy). For Yulia Tymoshenko wish to vote 13, 0% (or 19, 1%, respectively). In third place comes Tihipko: his wish to see the Ukrainian president 6, 1% of respondents (or 8, 8%).

Followed in decreasing order of votes: Bohomolets - 3, 7% (or 5, and 5%, respectively), Oleg Lyashko - 3, 7% (5, 5%), Mikhail Dobkin - 3, 6% (5, 2% ), Peter Simonenko - 3, 2% (4, 6%), Anatoly Gritsenko - 3, 0% (4, 3%), Oleg Tyagnibok - 1, 6% (2, 3%), Dmitry Jaros - 1, 2 % (1, 9%), Renat Kuzmin - 0, 2% (0 3%), Vadim Rabinovich - 0, 1% of respondents (or 0 and 2% respectively).

What do we see?

Leading my favorite - Poroshenko.
Behind him comes Tymoshenko - about her and her race will write separately. Very negative attitude to the very fact of participation in this event YUVT and I see great dangers emanating from it.
Tigipko ... I do not believe even in the second round. Twice voted for Sergei. Twice found himself in frustration. I've had enough.

Now the horror of the civilized world, a graduate philologist Yarosh (by the way, read his book? No? Then whence know it anti-Semite and a Nazi? Right! No such in his book!), Who, along with his bloody right quadrant, waving IN "Trident", eager for power and almost Dorval.
1.2%. write bigger? One whole and two percent.
Within the statistical error.

Who are we there yet most terrible fighter for the presidency?
Aha! Nazi-Svobodovets Oleg Tyagnibok! What we have there in the rankings?
Drum roll! Timpani!
1, 6%. One whole and six-tenths percent.

What you say revolution in Kiev? Definitely - Nazi. The fascists in power - the presidency and the premiership claim Poroshenko Tymoshenko Tigipko, Yatsenyuk Gritsenko, Dobkin and Rabinovich. The last two - zhidonatsisty. And joined them Symonenko - kommunobanderovets most rare variety Ukrainian nationalist.

Ladies and gentlemen from the SE Ukraine, remaining sane Russian friends, the international community, indifferent to events in our country.

Stop BELIEVE PROPAGANDONAM who are solely garbage!

Believe your eyes. Analyze. See figures. Read blogs. Blogs not sick in the head Ukrainophobes that are widely advertised in the Russian segment of the Internet, but just blogs "peresichnyh" citizens of Ukraine - these are many and they are on two language you can understand. Try to understand yourself - you are deceived. We vented. You lied to us bleed. It is the goal of propaganda - divide and conquer.

In Ukraine, the coup occurred Anticriminal - people drove ofigevshih from power and impunity thieves.
Yes, there are excesses. Yes, not everything is in order.
Yes, the Russian president and his clique, under the guise resolved their issues through a neighbor and is now trying to discredit us, to prove the correctness of their actions. God will judge them.
But you thinking people?
We can not love, but not like on a normal reason, not slander the Ministry of Truth.

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