LOL) The requirements of the Chinese bank to Russian HR

He calls me today phone at work, and the young man in Russian (with an accent) said that they say their foreign (Chinese) bank begins to operate on the Russian market and are very interested in competent staff working with bank cards ... Well type they plan to issue a little Is not 10 million, and they want to be invited to work to his bank the most competent, the most promising Russian specialists on bank cards (of the plastic unit of the bank will consist of more than 500 people). Well, I do not agree Type I consider theirs a job offer and to complete a questionnaire on their compliance with the stringent requirements?

I was naturally curious ... Firstly, rare foreign banks call and offer to work (especially the Chinese), in the second it became interesting, but Well have the requirement that such ... but because I say it, let's send my documents, I see, and if they think - I will contact you ...

And now, after a while, I get in the mail from the head of their office email, open ... and I have not been in this stupre because it is written by them - is a masterpiece requirements !!! I quote word for word !!!


Requirements Commercial Bank of China (China Merchants Bank)
 to candidates in staff

1. Candidates.
 - Citizens of Russia and have Russian citizenship and permanent registration in Moscow or the Moscow region;
 - The level of education: secondary special and higher, the age of at least 25 full years, without restrictions based on gender (men have to provide military ID).

2. Conditions set.
 A). Psychophysical data:
 - Candidate must be disciplined and law-abiding, honest and friendly people, with an open character, lively and energetic, balanced, relaxed, aimed at career development and full of team spirit, which prohibit the closure and isolation, without manifestations of arrogance, arrogance and conceit. - The candidate must have regular features, natural facial expressions healthy color skin without acne and ripples; pleasant smile, good oral form, without the expressed defects and curvature during a conversation and a smile; smooth bright teeth without cavities and stains;
 proficient in spoken language, make sounds clearly, without stuttering, swallowing words and slurred speech.
 - Candidate must possess a slender figure, confident gait, coordination, neat appearance, with clothes on a figure, good posture not be bent, stooped, crooked, his legs are not "O" -shaped and "X" -shaped; in the open should not be visible warts and pigmentation; no body odor.
 - The growth of male candidates - 172-183 cm, female candidates - 160-172 cm;
 - The power of both eyes should be normal or 0, 5 diopters or higher (according to the table a panoramic view of the forces); the eyes of medium size, any shape other than triangular, symmetrical set, inspired, without cataracts, squint, frown descended etc.
 - Candidate must be practically healthy without chronic and infectious diseases, and without hereditary mental illness.

B). Other conditions:
 - The presence of the passport;
 - Relative fluency in spoken English;
 - Exam results TOFF at least 300 points;
 - Possession of the basics of the Chinese language as an advantage.

3. The applicant must submit the following documents:
 - 1 recent photograph to the official document of size 3 X 4, 1 photo in full growth;
 - A brief curriculum vitae (one copy. In Russian and English: name, gender, date of birth, nationality, level of education, experience, personal qualities, address, telephone number, physical characteristics - height, weight, strength of vision). < br />  - A photocopy of the document on education.
 - A photocopy of the document on the courses of English or the Chinese language.
 - A photocopy of the document on education or occupation related to the banking business.
 - A certificate from the police department in the community that the candidate is not registered.
 - After passing the personal interview is required copy of a certificate of medical fitness issued by the medical board authorized by the authorities of the Russian Federation.

4. Salaries, bonuses and working conditions:
 - After passing the interview and test date for health worker an employment contract for a period of 1 year, which details the prescribed position on the content and nature of work, time of work and rest, working conditions and labor protection, labor discipline, courses of additional training, housing , remuneration, etc.
 - The salary is not less than 24,000 rubles (about 850 US dollars).
 - Other allowances and bonuses: Complimentary hotel to stay during business trips. Annually paid leave for 30 days.

5. The method of recruitment:
 All of the above materials candidates are sent by mail to:
 Deadline for applications January 15, 2006

Candidates who passed the preliminary selection for the competition documents will be notified by phone.
 They will be invited to a further interview with the management and specialists of the central office of the bank.
 Candidates who pass the interview, sent for a medical examination.
 Note: The submitted materials will not be returned.
 China Merchants Bank in Moscow



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