Tesla coil of hozmage

Having a pathological craving for sanitary fittings I can not train yourself to use it for its intended purpose. Always in my head the idea of ​​what to make of pipes, fittings and adapters, so that will never use them in the plumbing. It so happened this time. Make a Tesla high-voltage generator to the plumbing fittings.

Why this choice? It's very simple. I am a supporter of elegant and well repeatable solutions. Minimum slesarki, finishing, dopilki, doklepki. Life should delight ease and grace of form-making.

What is needed? H5>
The store was all in stock and purchase took just a few minutes.

The picture shows all that is needed. Here is the original name of c-store labels
1. Pipe 40x0.25m
2. The adapter ring onto the pipe 40mm
3. Varnish high voltage (was in the arsenal)
4. Coupling transition to a smooth finish on cast iron pipe of 50mm
5. Rubber sleeve 50mm
6. Copper wire 0 14mm SEW-2 (from old stocks)

The cost of the entire hardware around 200 rubles. When buying more store is better to choose not to explain why the guards and managers you connect nesoedinyaemye elements with each other and how to help you find what you need. Also, we need a few inexpensive parts, of which a little later. But first a little digress ...

Tesla Coil and all that h5> O Tesla said many and various, but mostly people (including me) are unanimous in their opinion - Tesla did not a little to the development of science and technology for its time. Many of his patents embodied in life, part of the same is still beyond the understanding of the essence. But the main credit Tesla can be considered the nature of the study of electricity. Especially the high voltage. Tesla amazed his friends and colleagues, a wonderful experiment in which it is easily and safely operated high voltage generator that produces hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions of volts. In this article, I describe the fabrication of miniature генератора Tesla, theory is well enough and studied in detail. And now to business!

What should we get? H5> In the end, we need to collect our device as shown in the photo:

Step 1. high voltage winding of the coil h5> Winding main high voltage coil of wire on tube wire 0.1-0.15 mm. I left the wire was 0.14 mm. This is probably the most boring occupation. Winding should be done as carefully as possible, turn to turn. You can use a snap, but I wound coils manually. By the way, I'm always doing something at least in duplicate. Why? Firstly skill. The second product is obtained simply candy, and there is always someone who starts to beg device (donate, sell, give popolzovatsja etc.). Given to the first, the second is a collection of eyes rejoices the friendship grows stronger, the harmony of the world is increasing.

Step 2: Isolation of high-voltage coil h5> The next important step - the insulation of high-voltage coil. I will not say that the coils need 20 times the wax-impregnated, varnished cloth wrapping or use in oil digestion. All these approaches Kolchak. We modern people, so we use a high-polish (see. The first photo. Stamp varnish does not indicate you can google) and broad heat shrink. Is coated in two - three layers. Dry the layer of at least 20-30 minutes. Varnish is applied perfectly. The result is gorgeous! The coil becomes simply timeless! The cost of the varnish is not great. Three hundred rubles balloon. I think that's enough for a dozen such devices. BUT !!!

Lac turned is very toxic! B> A minute later I had a headache and started vomiting in the cat. Work had to be stopped. Premises immediately ventilate, lacquer stop. Urgently had to run to the store. I buy a beer, but the cat's milk to recover from poisoning:

On good lacquer should be under the hood, but (after saving himself and the cat) I did it on the street. The benefit of the weather holds, there was no wind and dust, and rain is not pouring. Then you need to put on a wide Shrink and reel seat termofenom. This should be done carefully, with the middle to the edges. It should look tight and smooth.

Step 3: Preparation of the inductor and the collection of all design h5> Perhaps the most important part of the generator. I analyzed many designs of such devices, and many authors make the same mistake. Firstly, using a sufficiently thin wire, and secondly, there is no uniform and significant (at least 1 cm) clearance from the high voltage coil and used a lot of turns. It is absolutely not necessary. Enough 3 turns in the first third of the high voltage coil. For the inductor using a hollow copper tube annealed diameter of 8 mm, which ensures minimal inductance and a great performance in the operation of the generator. Three coil is wound on a rubber cuff in the slots. To the tube not wring - fill it tightly with fine sand. After carefully pour the sand. Once you have gathered all of the design should look like the photo:

Copper pipe is perhaps the most expensive position in this homemade. Much as much as 150 rubles. Bought in hozmage.

Some subtleties ... h5> The subtleties associated with the design of the contacts of the inductor. They are made of annealed copper strip and closed shrinking. This provides a minimum inductance design that is very important. Contacts are hidden inside the sleeve. All connections should be as short as possible and made wide copper strips, which reduces high losses. On top of the device adapter dress ring which presses round copper contact, which is soldered to the upper terminal of high-voltage coil. The design of the top podlita liquid rubber. The center launched a mini-jack.

Step 4: Connect and test the generator h5> There are approximately 2 million ways to power the like. Let us consider the most simple - using the circuit shown in the figure:

Need a pair of resistors, capacitors, transistors. Denominations specified. High voltage coil is L2, and the inductor - L1. Knowledgeable reader saw that this scheme is known as "Kacher" and she supposedly has unique properties. One has only to connect it correctly (only, however, no one knows how) and she almost starts to extract the cosmic energy. But in fact, surprising her nothing. This generator, where the transistor operates in the avalanche breakdown, providing decent fronts upslope. It can be compared with the arrester, just no sparks and smell azone. Here precisely enough in my opinion to tell about this scheme. The transistor must be mounted to the radiator. Resource schemes, I think, not great, but given the low cost of the transistors and the urgency of the desire to see the result of this is not in the bill.

If all assembled correctly, the scheme will work immediately. If no generation, switch contacts inductor vice versa. I work immediately. Generation starts with 3-4 volts. At 6 volts generated steady at 12 volts all the flames around. In the photo you can see that the whole structure is blown fan, since the transistor heats up considerably, though, and put on a radiator. To the surprise of the circuit is very reliable. 12 Volt runs for hours and is very stable. With the lights off and "dohlenkih" light bulb shines brightly.

Video of the device can be found here .

Ruins people not beer ... h5> Do not forget about safety. Such devices within a radius of 2-3 meters can easily damage the delicate electronics such as mobile phone, digital watch on his arm, etc. On the high-frequency high-voltage generator human influences weakly due to "skin effect", but all the same, be careful. Children, cats, birds and unbalanced citizens should be at some distance from these devices when it is activated.

Remember this!

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