The biggest mistake in the history of

Historical events
1. NASA is accidentally erased the record of the landing on the moon. In fact, the original recordings of the event has not been preserved.

2. It took 177 years to build the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and just 10 years to make it to bend.

3. The absence of a sufficient number of lifeboats on board the "Titanic", as it was considered unsinkable.

4. Failure of the record company Decca Records group «The Beatles», as they found that it did not sell.

5. Loss of NASA satellite Mars Exploration Mars Climate Orbiter, due to the fact that the team used the metric system of measurement, and the other - the British.

6. Napoleon, who believed he could capture the Russian winter.

7. Hitler, who believed he could do it better than Napoleon.

8. The Persians, sent the decapitated ambassadors back to Genghis Khan, incurring the wrath of Mongolia.

9. The Dutch, who discovered Australia for 100 years before, as did the British, but ignored the opening, as they found it useless desert.

10. Sale of Russian Alaska for 2 cents an acre.

Historical facts
11. Inca ruler Atahualpa, who agreed to meet with the conquistador Francisco Pizarro, the Spanish when 200 riders were ambushed and defeated 80,000 soldiers Incas.

12. Those who swallowed the bait of "Trojan horse," if he really existed.

13. Filling of the world's largest airship "Hindenburg" fire hazard hydrogen, which then caught fire and crashed.

14. Someone opened the gates of the city, and to allow the Turks captured Constantinople in 1453.

15. China of the 14th century, who gave up the Navy and began to pursue a policy of isolation. Perhaps he would have been more influential than any European power.

16. The driver of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, has made a wrong turn that led him to the assassin Gavrilo Princip feet. This murder was the reason for the outbreak of World War II.

17. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, when the port was not a single American aircraft carrier that has accelerated America's entry into World War II.

18. Faulty design of the Chernobyl reactor accident consequences of which are still being felt.

19. 12 publishing houses refused to publish "Harry Potter».

20. Alexander the Great, who would not give an heir to the throne, which led to the death of his empire.

21. While no one knows the perpetrator set fire to the Library of Alexandria was the largest loss in the history of knowledge.

22. The assassination of Caesar for the purpose of saving the Republic and the failure to understand that it will only lead to its end.

23. In 1788 the Austrian army attacked his accident and has lost 10,000 people.



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