Way to lose wheels

About "grader after Beyneu" I have heard several times from different people. It would seem - just 260 kilometers of road with a broken once an asphalt coating. However, all raskazchiki argued that this is really "evil place," and the passage section should lay practically the whole day ...

Now came our turn to pass on "the road lost a wheel».

1. Left the Astrakhan. Judging by advertising on the spans of the bridge - the evacuation is highly demanded business!

2. Another bridge, this time a pontoon. I wonder why you can not put things like crossing the Crimea?

3. Yesterday in Kalmykia us less fortunate, but worth it to get into the Kazakhstan - caught flowering poppies!

4. The spectacle really fascinating!

5. The last time we saw like two years ago in Ukraine.

6. But now we are in Kazakhstan, we tactfully hint camels! Bit chase them on Defe.

7. The road from Atyrau to Beineu. Perfectly smooth asphalt, 300 kilometers mirror coating with a brand new layout. The main thing - do not fall asleep at the wheel.

8. The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel, bought local SIM cards, season with a full tank and advanced to the grader. Thirty kilometers after Beyneu is a brand new asphalt, which soon ends suddenly.

9. and further begins the same grader. In Instagrame asked me if I take his wheel. Yes, five minutes drive on it, I realized that to go to the "asphalt" pressure is simply unrealistic, so blown away by up to 1, 5 atmospheres around. Becomes much softer.

10. Toad-traveler watching with interest as the next in the steppe born small tornado.

11. It is very curious sight, especially when you see it for the first time. All day they regularly appeared here and there.

12. But what happens when they crossed the road in front of the machine.

Dust ... just unreal amount of dust! Sand, like pounded chalk, very small particles which penetrate into all the cracks, settle in the cabin and squeak on the teeth. We drove with the windows closed and air recirculation is enabled, but it is still a little help. But on the local ancient Zhiguli without air conditioning have to move with the windows open, that this is happening in the cabin - I just can not imagine, but we do all things were covered with a thick layer of dust ...

13. Now on the road. Once upon a time there was asphalt, and now - only its remains. More than two hundred kilometers "washboard". On Defe lowered to 33 & quot; RV was impossible to go more than 40 km / h - feel the vibration just kills the suspension, and the teeth begin to chatter.

14. On the left and right of the grader laid hundreds of primers, which can go 60-70.

15. But they tend to overlap with each other, and even periodically across the pit into which can fit Def. Do I need to tell you what happens when I fly in a similar laden car?

16. That these guys were very sad. Tractor with a front engine support traveling at a speed of about 5 km / h. Rather, it did not go, and crawling, walking was quite possible to stay with him. Judging by the equipment in the back of the tractor attached to this hefty "fool" on the platforms - it's just another way. I wonder how much they drove the plot?

17. But the bridge over the dry creek. Check on it - a concrete slab in the third wheel. Passenger car at night is easy to lose not only the bumper, but the radiator, and even the crankcase.

18. That goes every exactly where it is more convenient ...

19. Or does not go, and throws the trailer and went in search of spare parts, as the driver of the truck with the Kyrgyz rooms, which seems to be just pulled out of the suspension.

20. The road lost a wheel ...

21. Well, we almost suffered the same fate. After another hole on the steering wheel suddenly a light beating, as if the wheels are not balanced. Well that we decided to stay. While braked and turn away from the road, there was a strong clang. Stop, go - my mother dear ...

Tightness tested in Rostov before Kalmykia to Beyneu road was practically the whole of the asphalt. Grader decided to pick up a souvenir four wheel nuts, well, and the fifth was also going to them, as held in the last speed ...

One nut Julia found in the place where the road turned into the steppe. The other three were found. Jacks machine, twist one nut to the other wheels to spin it. And then two weeks in a row at each stop me started with the fact that I went around the car around with balonnikom ...

22. And near this place, we had almost "ushanulis." Riding on a road with heavy trucks, and then I feel that the right side starts to drag out into a ditch. Speed ​​of about 50, I brake, trying to taxi, but the car continues to lurch and go right. A ditch is deep.

Realizing that we are now likely to overturn, Julia yelled "hold on!" And sent to the bottom of the pit Defa to somehow align the roll machine. We jumped very well, with a specific breakdown of such suspension, with a flight of things around the cabin ... pausing a moment to realize why Def terrible roars all around - it turns out, together with a brake to the floor and I pressed the gas pedal, causing diesel ran into " cutoff »...

Climbed out of the ditch under its own power in front of road workers, ofigevshih from such a spectacle. Got off cheaply - the car intact, things too, took off only half of the left threshold, but he was and so was all rusty and held on parole. Screwing it into place with plastic ties, gathered had to go on, when I saw a couple of meters from our "forced stop" this skeleton. It turns out, someone here too, no luck.

23. It is unusual for the relief of Kazakhstan. Streamers and a decrease of a couple of hundred meters. Begin to understand that we are already close to the goal.

24. Mountains and Cretaceous rocks below. Once there was the sea.

25. The 20-kilometer stretch of new asphalt to us like an oasis in the desert with water.

26. It begins abruptly ends, as we found out later, more sudden and huge pit.

27. But the road is beautiful, yes.

28. Again dust. I actually used to think that Moscow - a dusty city, as parked on a street car washed the next day ceases to shine. The ride is extremely changed my mind - in Moscow just sterile cleanliness!

29. Ships of the desert.

30. Since this post is dedicated to the road, then I'll tell you that back with Mangishlak we decided to get out on the steppe. Those 250 kilometers, but you're going all alone, right up to the horizon are relatively smooth coats, and around the endless steppe. Primers are thousands, sometimes they intersect tricky plexus, so it remains only to go, sticking to the orientation direction of the finish.

31. And, of course, the complete absence of civilization. On the way back across the steppe we have not met anyone, but sometimes scare away flocks of grazing here. So what to expect and if anything would solely on their strength.

32. On the eve of those places we met Land Cruiser, which flew wheel bearing. The first question from the guys: "Do you have any water?". You should have seen the eagerness with which they attacked the bottle. It's no joke - the heat under forty degrees, the car is not in motion, the nearest town for hundreds of kilometers, well steppe does not forgive mistakes ...

33. Well, back to our story. In Shetpe we spent some time looking for nuts, of course, to no avail. We drove past the cemetery on the outskirts of the city.

34. In general, the grader has become a serious challenge for us. Bent threshold is seen in the photo. Mounting the antenna came loose, things got mixed up in the cabin.

On one of the small bumps toolset managed to get between the kitchen unit and the rear door, and during the landing was not somewhere, and clearly in the switch - earned shower pump that watered our stuff spread out in the cabin, as long as I have not stopped and turned it off. When I equip living space behind, life would not have thought that this could happen. It turned out that everything is possible.

Or, for example, a wire for charging camera down. It would seem that it can happen? I mean, why take a spare? During the "jumping on the road," something just shattered his fork. You should have seen my face when I picked it up. However, knife, duct tape, and ten minutes of time to fix the problem - now just charging the camera is part of the on-board network Defa and, hopefully, will not go anywhere from there.

To tell the truth, even when the Thule box with the "new, improved fixtures with built-in control mechanism tightening" (which need to tighten up as long as they do not start proschelkivatsya, implying that tightened as much as possible) almost unscrewed from the trunk of cross - four anchorages kept only one, and the rest of shaking become loose ... And this Thule, "John Dzhormani maid", according to the inscription on the box. But do cross uazovsky trunk, which predicted a quick death, kept nice and no problems on the trip did not deliver.

In general, all this I mean that some of the road requires a large margin of safety for those things that we are accustomed to traveling.

35. Mount Shergala, a sacred place. Something like the profile of a camel.

36. We arrived just at sunset.

37. It is said that if you go around and make a wish, it will come true.

38. Put the camp at its foot, trying to hide from the wind.


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