The road along the Tianmen, China

This highway is called the Big Gate Road, but people call it simply - The road to heaven. And it's not the height to which the roadway rises, and the complexity and number of curled corners. Speaking of height - the road has its origins in the 200 meters above sea level and rises to 1300 meters. It is also called the road turns 99, as nine is a lucky number in China, symbolizing the heavens and 9 palaces.

Los Corales, Chile

This road connects the two countries in South America - Chile and Argentina. It runs on an extremely steep hill and has a lot of very sharp turns, so that is one of the most complex in the world.

Florida Keys, USA

Seven Mile Bridge - one of the most popular sites on the islands of Florida. This is a unique masterpiece of engineering.

Dadès Gorges, Morocco

Road «Dades Gorges» in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco is known for its sharp turns and deadly.

Transfăgărăşan, Romania

Transfăgărăşan - mountain highway in the Carpathian Mountains, connecting the Romanian region of Transylvania and Wallachia, and passing through the Fagaras mountain range. Rated popular British TV show about cars Top Gear is the highway - the most interesting way to Europe.

Sani Pass, South Africa

Sani Pass - the highest mountain pass of South Africa, situated in the Drakensberg Mountains at an altitude of 2880 m above sea level. Sani Pass passing, you find yourself in another state - Lesotho. The path here is through one of the highest points of the mountains of the Drakensberg - "Roof of Africa».

Stelvio Pass, Italy

This is the winding road in Europe - it has 48 "studs" in some places the road is very narrow. It stretches zigzag nearly 1, 5 km and 275 meters followed by a gentle slope with lots of bends, which still keep drivers on their toes.

The Atlantic Road, Norway

Atlantic road 8 km built in Norway specifically for tourists. 12 bridges connecting the islands along the northern coast of the Atlantic, this is the route to enjoy the beauty of nature, fresh air and a sense of freedom.

Count de Turini, France

Road "Col de Turini" runs through the Alpine pass to the south of France, at an altitude of about 1, 2 km above sea level and is one of the roads used for the annual rally in Monte Carlo.

Trolls road, Norway

"Trollstigen", stretching among the mountain peaks in the Norwegian Vestlann region, is one of the most popular attractions in the south-west of the country. The narrow track length 106 kilometers - a sample of engineering: Serpentine has 11 hairpin bends. In some areas of the road width is less than 3, 3 meters.

Road to Jebel Hafeet, UAE

Jebel Hafeet Mountain - is the second highest mountain in the UAE. On top of it leads a 12-kilometer serpentine - a favorite place of cyclists. In the near future it is planned completion of work on the snowy slopes, which will be the longest in the world.

Tunnel Golian, China

One of the most unusual roads in the world is a tunnel Golian, which is located high in the mountains of Henan Province in China. He laid in the rock and is a beautiful cave with length of more than a kilometer.



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