The most beautiful roads in the world

Not count the number of roads on earth — they all lead somewhere: the part connects the cities, and some other ways, some of them laid among the hills and mountains; many thousands of years, but only cause some travelers emotions — from excitement to fear, and they are popular tourist attractions, and sometimes symbols on the terrain run.

The Stelvio pass located in the Eastern Italian Alps: a zigzag road, which has more than 60 hairpin bends, extends to a height of 2.7 km above sea level.

This is a very dangerous road as the best road for driving in the show Top Gear. Here come many famous racers and thrill seekers.

Not all areas of Forsell Laverdet — mountain pass in the Dolomites, located at an altitude of 1542 meters above sea level, is covered with asphalt.

After a few accidents in areas with gravel and descended from the mountains of landslides, this road is closed to motorists. But it allowed the Cycling movement.

At the height of 1607 meters above sea level in the French Alps, the road of Col de Turini, most of the sites which is very dangerous, but at the same time amazingly beautiful.

This way you know all the fans of Rally Monte Carlo. Here is one of the most difficult parts of racing.

Big gate road in China, also known as the Road to heaven is located in Hunan province and stretches for 10 kilometers, being the worst road in the country.

The maximum point of the route, which was built 8 years and put into operation quite recently, in 2006, is located at 1,300 metres above sea level and has 99 sharp turns.

Trollstigen — serpentine in Norway, which is part of the national Route number 63. The slope of the road with 11 curves, is 9%. [an error occurred while processing this directive]

At the end of the road, whose name translates as "Troll's Ladder", built a viewing platform — it offers great views of the surrounding mountains the track.

Pass Los Caracoles — way through the Andes from Argentina to Chile — has a huge number of thrilling twists and turns, however, completely devoid of fences.

During most of the year the road is covered with snow. Despite the fact that driving in such conditions requires special skills, the movement here is very rich at the expense of trucks and tourist buses.

Philippine highway Halsema is the highest in the state. To overcome it, the traveler needs about 6 hours.

A highway laid among the truly amazing landscapes, it is dangerous to possible landslides. In addition, often the visibility is restricted by fog, and part of the road not covered by asphalt.

Romanian road Transfagarasan, length 90 km — one of the world's most beautiful roads. It passes through mountains, Fagaras in Romania and part of the Transylvanian Alps, connecting Transylvania with Muntenia.

The maximum height of the road — 2134 meters. October travel is limited because of the snow. The hallmark of this path are viaducts and tunnels. By the way, here is the longest (875 metres) tunnel in the country.

Grimsel Swiss pass, maximum a height of 2165 meters.

This road is laid in a landscape of unearthly beauty, was built in the 1890-ies.

Road Atlas lies across the picturesque places of Morocco along the gorge, Dads.

The maximum height of the road — 2092 meters.

Swiss pass Gottardo linking the German and Italian part of the country, is the most sinuous of all the Alpine passes. Maximum height is 2108 meters.

The road is paved part of which was chosen by the cyclists, has lots of winding turns and a few tunnels, one of which — with a length of 16 km is the longest road tunnel in the world.

Track Iroha-zaka is one of the most winding and beautiful roads of Japan, which consists of 48 dangerous turns on the descent and the same number of turns on the rise.

Ice road Tuktoyaktuk passes along the bed of the frozen river, and therefore operates only in the cold season, connecting remote parts of Canada with civilization.

Atlantic road — the most popular route in Norway. It is unremarkable, but it is decorated with Storesonline bridge nicknamed the "bridge to nowhere".

This architectural masterpiece constructed in such a way that from a certain angle creates an optical illusion that the bridge does not, and in its place is a giant trampoline.



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