As a person becomes ill

Many people think that the disease is the result of a random passer sneeze, drafts, hypothermia, or this kind of turmoil. But not so simple in our universe. I will try to sort through the technology of the process of human disease.

Man (soul essence) as any form of life is energy that vibrates. In this period of time the frequency of vibration of the person should be ~ 13 5 Hz. Disease as well as all forms of the universe are real entities that have vibrations that are very low. Accordingly, a person becomes ill, when its frequency is lowered and it is in resonance with the vibration disease. Recall that a drop of human vibrations are negative emotions (anger, fear, hatred, greed, envy, etc.), unspiritual lifestyle, profanity, drug dead (myasoedstvo) and heat-treated food (everything is fried, boiled). < br />
Therefore, in order not to be susceptible to disease, a person must be in the high frequencies that we can raise and keep at a high level due to the opposite above aspects: spiritual lifestyle, radiation kindness, love, light everything around, laughter, joy, health food (raw food diet, fruktoedenie) carrying a higher vibration.

This is the brainchild of the Creator. Metaphorically speaking, of disease as living entities are created in order to remind the human form of life of its vibratory state, and therefore spiritually and physically. And in the fall frequency vibration human disease being activated immediately give the sign, do not you go the right way, this degradation pathway.

Conditional on the graph, we can see this technology from the physical point of view.

What is pH? How it is measured?

For optimum health the body needs to maintain an alkaline condition, the desired level of which corresponds to a pH of 7, 4.

Why is pH and what is pH? In science, the ratio between the acid and alkali is measured on a scale from 1 to 14. This scale is called the pH (hydrogen ion concentration). Interval of 1 to 7 on this scale defines acidity, with a value of "1" level of acidity higher than "7". From 7 to 14 on the scale interval is alkaline, and the number "7" means minimal alkali content than "14". On the pH scale figure "7" corresponds to a neutral environment and represents the optimum. Thus, at pH 7 and 4, the internal environment of the cell in its natural weakly alkaline condition, which is best suited to enzymes which function within the cells, at this pH they reach maximum efficiency. Sufficient flow of water passing through the cell, supports it in an alkaline condition and provides its health.
The kidneys clean the blood of excess hydrogen ions - a source of acidity - and eliminate them in the urine. The more urine the kidneys produce, the more easily maintain their body organs in an alkaline condition. That is why the urine is light - a measure of the effective action of acid purification, and dark yellow or orange - a sign of the emergence of a formidable acid burns inside the body. People who are shy to urinate more than two or three times a day and try to drink less water so as not to urinate more often than they can afford, do not know what harm they cause their bodies


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