From September this year roboavtomobili be able to travel on public roads in California

Road Department of California утвердил rules , which will be issued a license for the use of unmanned vehicles on the public road. The fundamental decision on the admission roboavtomobiley on state roads was approved September 25, 2012. The new rules will come into force on 16 September this year. As in other states, autonomous driving car just in case the driver must be present live. Insurance for companies wishing to obtain a license will cost $ 5 million.

California - an important milestone on the way to the widespread use of roboavtomobiley - it is the most populous US state, lives here almost 40 million people - more than in the other three states, which also allowed roboavtomobili. There is also the headquarters and laboratories Google - leading developer of unmanned vehicles. In California, the most dense network of elektrozapravok and suggests the idea to combine the two main trends of the modern automobile - electric vehicles and drones. Here lives a huge number of geeks who will be happy to buy such cars. It seems that in twenty years, or even ten states have changed beyond recognition.

The first state who committed roboavtomobili on their roads became Nevada - the first license was awarded to Google two years ago. Since then, Google cars in total naezdili a million kilometers - without a single accident. Following the Nevada drones licensed Florida and Michigan. The process of legalization roboavtomobiley also comes in several EU countries. Annually due to road accidents in the world dies more than a million people. Widespread use of autonomous vehicles theoretically can reduce this figure to almost zero, while at the same time reduce congestion and save fuel by optimizing the driving mode and coordinated movement a > cars in the stream.



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