"Electronics" our company Lech - quiet, unassuming guy. For this reason, about his life outside the collective until some time little was known. And on one occasion, wormed at corporate, Lech do not like to remember. In short, in order.
Once he comes to dinner, climbing stairs, sees - gopovaty man at his door with a lock busy. Ash stump - in. His wife, who apparently are still walking with a child. Lech pretends that it is higher passes, turns to the next ladder, climbs three steps, turns sharply and Shaolin jump in flight hit man with a foot in the back of the neck. He beats his forehead against the door, falls backwards up, drops his piece of iron, from the pockets of fly Semyon and a pack of cigarettes from the apartment flies terrified wife.
In general, it turned out - she broke the lock, and a man - a mechanic from the housing.
And Lehi since errands "Headshot".


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