How to come up with online duck on empty shelves in Crimea

Tells how to make light of these online ducks.
The secret of the first - the accompanying text. To remove an empty shelf in the Crimean shop does not necessarily go to the Crimea. Walk into any nearby and photograph the empty shelf. Main picture sign saying, filmed in the Crimea, only that, nothing to eat, all in shock. For ukrosmi and internet daughters of officers that was enough. Circulation and thank you provided.


The secret of a second - where to find empty shelves. This is elementary, my dear Watson! Look in the shop in the evening. It is advisable before closing. The holiday will add emptiness. Many of you have seen in your store bread in the evening? As a rule, the evening grain shelves emptied first. The first photo in the article done so. But if you sponsor a little shelf, the Department of bread is not an assistant. On a nearby shelf, as a rule, something will remain.
Bread department (store Velmart, Friday night):


The secret of the third - how to find empty office. So Sponsor demanding and he needs a blank section. You think unrealistic? In vain. Nothing complicated. Important to know the time and place. Time - a few minutes before the store closed. Location - Department of dairy products. Before the closure of all the remnants of jelly carry away in storage refrigerators and washing empty shelves. One click and fresh ready to duck quack on the Internet.
Photo taken 2 hours before the store closed. Milk small (explain why), but the shelves are not empty as some shouting svidomity.
Milk department (store Velmart, Friday night):


Now I tell why some stores Crimean dairy products on the shelves is really small. You know, that whole business in Ukraine is divided between the oligarchs. Chain stores are no exception. The ratio of the Ukrainian oligarchs to people and the Crimea, we are well seen on the antics of some Ukrainian rich. That is why many Ukrainian chain stores do not cooperate with the Crimean manufacturers, and almost all goods are imported from the mainland. Support the economy of the Crimea it is not profitable, because weak crushed Crimea would be easier to manage. The weaker the peninsula, the more leverage it (eg, North Crimean Canal, which immediately took advantage of Ukraine). In Crimea, Ukraine acted as a ball, "Choked, strangled ..." So they destroyed Sevastopol and other dairy production. It is for this reason that some of the major networks a little of a certain category of goods (milk, meat) or exorbitant prices. Clarity on the example of the press: in one of the largest supermarkets of Sevastopol you can safely buy any "Kyiv News", but you can not buy a newspaper, "Glory of Sevastopol».
Sausage example (Velmart store, Friday night):


But Crimeans do not care for these show-off since everywhere is full of small specialty shops, pavilions, stalls, markets, outlets where there is always fresh bread, meat, milk, eggs, fruits, vegetables, etc. Local production and at normal prices.
A temporary artificially inflated prices for imported bananas, pineapples and coconuts, we will somehow survive :)
Here is the food department stores where you can find products of the Crimea and as a consequence, does not find empty shelves.
ATB Shop, all the same evening Friday:








Store Silpo (Saturday afternoon):




For many categories of goods prices are just outrageous. This shop nobody buys.





Meat Silpo very expensive. I take a fresh clipping on the market (the flesh without bones) in 75grn / 225rubley pork 73grn / 219rubley beef.






A striking example of how the desire to be welded in the transition period leading to the loss of customers. At that price the meat nobody buys. I buy a similar not at 159 hryvnia, and a 85. In this shop, I do not go. It was Silpo I often cheated at the checkout: the trading floor was one price for the goods, and the check she had another (longer).


Some more pictures from the store (Friday evening):


Sorry for the fans of the Crimean bananas for 40 UAH per kilo:







Write that on May 17, with the products of the machine is not allowed to Crimea. While the milk is produced on May 18 fell on the peninsula?


Immediately Ostuzhev especially hotheads: prices for goods, I did not hide. Purpose of the article - to show the real presence of the goods in large chain stores and tell how photographed empty shelves. But, if desired, some photos can rassmotet prices. Removed phone, so the photo quality is lame.


A little explanation: if the price tag is one price, then most likely, it is in UAH. To get the price in Russian rubles, multiply exactly 3.
Today Ukrainian retail chains in the Crimea - a prime example of the paradox where prices are much higher than usual smaller shops. Therefore, buyers are fewer.
And while large Russian network to us have not yet arrived, we relaxed in the usual tarimsya not chain stores. And do not even soared in this occasion.
By the way, it is believed that the high prices in the Ukrainian chain stores - it's just dying convulsions. Try to grab a little more, because competition with Russian, they will not survive.




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