Simple ways to look like a millionaire (10 photos)

You can look good, even if you do not have enough money for exclusive things. If you vospolzutes certain rules regarding your image, it will give the impression of a rich man, even if you are not. Suggest you read some tips from an image consultant Sylvie di Giusto:

Sylvie Di Giusto

1. Spend money wisely, guided by the rule of one third

Every man should have at least one good suit, and every woman - at least one good jacket and matching skirt or trousers him. These things should look expensive and desirable to be established: the larger the effect you want to make, the more will have to spend.

It is better to buy a costume designer stores - here to save on quality should not be.

You also need to adhere to the one-third rule: buy only one-third of the clothes that usually buy, but rather spend one article of clothing three times more. In other words, instead of having to buy three pairs of pants cheap, buy some expensive and wear them everywhere.

2. Pay attention to every detail, down to the cover for iPhone

Di Giusto recalls the story of how she conducted the interview, when I worked for a German company. Applicant looked great and all spoke correctly. But at the end of the interview he got iPhone, to edit your schedule, and di Giusto noticed obscene word on his case. At this point, everything about what they said, it seemed doubtful. Employee hired, but the first impression was hopelessly flawed.

If you are serious about your image, remember that it is manifested not only in the suit. Image - it's your job, your accessories and even application on your phone.

3. Let your style matches your professional field, but allow yourself to one "informal" accessory

It is clear that regardless of the dress code of the company where you work, the clothes you choose according to their profession. Di Giusto does not recommend strongly to stand out and make a great effort for this: if you work in finance, dress conservatively, and if in the technology industry, allow yourself some informal clothing. Good rule of thumb: note how the dress managers in your company, and emulate them.

But you do not have to look like a boring clone another person. Avoiding this is simple - let you have an unusual and striking accessory. At the very di Giusto, for example, there are unique glasses that she wears a business suit. Or, say, CEO can wear traditional dark suits, but pink or floral tie.

4. Remember that "everyday" does not mean "sloppy┬╗

The problem of casual wear that, in contrast to formal wear, you can not exactly say that it is and what is not.

If you wear everyday things, it does not mean that we should not look neat. This style is only slightly different from business clothes. For example, President Barack Obama is working takes off his jacket and rolls up his sleeves and tie. You can go even further - to replace trousers jeans on a figure, but do not go too far away from ordinary business suit.

5. Less cologne or perfume

The smell in any case should not be strong enough to distract interlocutor on what you say. If you do feel the smell of her perfume, it means that you have gone too far with them. It is interesting that this rule in some countries does not work - for example, in Italy and France to use perfume made very generous. But in Russia should still know when to stop.

6. Do not let the "shortcomings" undermine your self-confidence

The key to getting power "from the air" - a self-confidence. Worst of all, when it affects some flaw in your appearance. Perhaps the missing button on his jacket, no one will notice, but once you start because of her worry about your behavior can draw attention to it. Similarly, if you wake up one day and decide that your teeth white enough, others may begin to agree with that.

Whatever the problem, or accept that it exists, and stop worrying about it or correct it, because if you are not satisfied with yourself, you look your best, you can not.

7. Put on to appear higher

We subconsciously drawn to the high leaders, because associate growth with the government. But if nature is not awarded you this advantage, you can create the illusion of high growth. Women can wear high heel shoes, not sneakers or ballet flats, and men choose clothes dark shades. People of small stature goes more fitting clothes and monochrome outfits.

8. Get enough sleep, the skin is in excellent condition

And finally, you need to draw up a sleep schedule, so that your skin is healthy and radiant. You can even track a few days specifically, how many hours you slept and how productive then you have the next day.

Once you determine the ideal amount of time for you to sleep, try to sleep so much, even on weekends. Force yourself to go to bed and wake up at about the same time.


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