Personal Branding: a recipe for success


[ Today we decided to publish material from Speider Schneider - designer, develops products for giants such as Disney / Pixar, Warner Bros., Harley-Davidson, ESPN, Mattel, DC and Marvel Comics. In his article, he decided to share the secrets of creating a personal brand - things that are equally important for both the "free artist", and for any budding business, and in particular - the business operates in the network - i> approx. pens.]

When I talk with students of the last courses of the Academy of Arts, I always try to impress upon them one important idea: to work for themselves - then create their own small business, and the creation of business connected with the design, requires no less effort and costs than opening a bakery, pizzeria, or even a brothel. Although what I stash mainly requires a constant supply of the goods and even more so it does not need any advertising, or, God forbid, accounting, as well as not need furniture, and ways of doing things there are radically different from those of any other business .

You know how it usually happens: several students in tears, contact the Director of the Academy with the requirement to give them back their tuition fees, because no one ever told them that to be a designer - it is such hard work. Well, welcome to the harsh world of business.

An important part of this business is all that a competent designer will have to learn to safely offer their services to customers who want to order a logo for your start-up company that underneath it confidently and boldly steps to success. There is much debate around concepts such as logo and brand. I can say with confidence that these are two closely interwoven, yet different phenomena. And if you still have decided to open their own business, then you will need both of them.

Where to start? H4>
Logo - is, simply put, your signature, your name, the symbol by which people at first sight will know you well, or not at first, who could be as lucky. Now, if you were a sweater, the logo would be your label, embroidered logo. And your logo should undoubtedly reflect the brand itself.

A brand - this is what you represent yourself as a person or company. You have fun and frivolous nature? Or are you a service-oriented company with a thousand-year history of service? And again, if you were a sweater, the brand - this is what feelings arise when you wear. You are hard and scratchy? Or vice versa - soft and warm? As for me, I would have been sweaters, which can be very easy to lose yourself.

So, you need to decide who you really are and who you want to appear to others. When you finally decide - best to be honest to yourself and to the development of the brand. But, of course, the main thing is not to get to extremes - if you call design studio "Dull paranoid", then when you contrasting design studio "Inexperienced newcomers" definitely will look preferable.

What to say is not accepted h4>
All articles about branding, which I have read, no one ever said a word about the most, if you like, mysterious part of this process - the promotion of the brand. Nobody makes any secret of it, just as no one condemns it simply, there are many unprincipled people, some of whom do not support their own image. Such as those of the television preachers who universally condemn sin, and are themselves caught in a motel surrounded by prostitutes. You must be honest and true to display the image of the brand, as if it were a natural extension of yourself than later, he, in fact, must be, otherwise you will lose face and reputation of the company.

Throughout his life, I admired some people with very bright images. One well-known cartoonist, whom I happened to know, always wore a tweed sports jacket over a T-shirt, white pants conventional cotton and dark blue Topsider bare feet. Every single day. And in the spring slush, and hot summers and chilly autumn wind, and snow in winter. Always in this outfit, and always without socks! But when he walked down the street, its all learned.

I also met a lady who wore only red, only painted red lipstick and has always been in the red hat. Many years have passed, and I do not remember what she did, but I'm sure that once would have remembered it if he saw, and certainly would have wanted to know what she was doing.

And now, eccentric outfits and accessories captivate and attract attention. The famous illustrator, whom I had known many years ago, always wore a band-aid on his face. Each day at the same location. People were whispering and built the set of guesses: perhaps he melanoma, or hole, or he glues the plaster with a view to hide underneath a miniature Siamese twin? Become familiar, this piece was his personal highlight.

For many years I was faced with a huge number of images randomly encountered. And most of what you can expect is that your image will emphasize your strengths or become a sensation at the cocktail party.

Among those who are successful branding is important, there are also those who adjusts entire life under his image - usually a high-class artists and cult of personality from the world of fashion, who are in their way, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And their image includes not only their actions, but also their friends, circles in which they move, the place in which were seen their photos on the pages of the business or gossip in the local newspaper.

Hunter Thompson - a vivid example of a person in order to attract attention Bridging real life and image - the addict, while combining the perfect madness and rationality.

Or another example: Andy Warhol, who attended all the best parties, open galleries, noteworthy, exclusive nightclubs, etc. Warhol was so much a part of your personal brand as a part of their immediate work. Some say that the greater part of it was all the same image.

But this way of networking - is extreme. Undoubtedly, tying site - it's a huge part of the business. If you decide to break all ties to useful places due to its image, then get ready to loneliness, lack of real friends, as you now, as already noted, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a public figure, plays a role. And there is nothing wrong - just very hard to maintain that image around the clock, and the depletion of physical and spiritual strength - a common phenomenon among the particularly zealous secular careerists.

How long should I continue to maintain an image? H4>
Sometimes we need to change, but with us, and will change our ways. In the logo of the skull and snakes will give way to the kids and kittens, once free artists grow up to in order to turn a small business into a major design agency, and sometimes our image just stops working. Huge corporations are engaged in re-branding (eg, service Yahoo once changed its logo and still pore formation in anticipation of the new image). So, there is no reasons why you could not change what is already out of date, it does not reflect the more you or something that just simply does not work, for example, which depicts the logo and skull and snakes, and infants, and Kittens simultaneously.



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