10 tips: how to flirt


What is flirting? This is a set of verbal and nonverbal actions that we commit to express an interest in the other person. Flirt - it's fun, flirting - it's safe, flirting - it's natural! Knowing how to flirt, you can meet with those whom had never dared to approach. With the help of flirting, you can express themselves more fully and unusually add any talk of romance, and self-esteem of your interlocutor. When you flirt, you feel more confident and energetic - and it is precisely on this foundation to build a more profound sense, is the foundation of your trip. Where this road can lead you? Yes anywhere! be449bac2c.jpg

Tip number 10: flirt with a positive attitude
Flirting people tend to believe in themselves and are not afraid to take risks. Do everything with enthusiasm and a positive attitude! Tip number 9: Start a conversation
The best phrase to start the conversation - the usual "Hello!". Talk about what surrounds you in the moment, ask a question, ask for help or speak for about anything. Tip number 8: have fun
Be cheerful, carefree and relaxed. Show off your sense of humor or any other talent throughout krase.ebb475c96b.jpg

Tip number 7: actively use accessories flirting
Never leave home without "props" - it is easier for you and to others the task to start a conversation. Best accessory for flirting - it's pets, unusual jewelry, perfume, T-shirt with the name of the university or school where you studied, flashy tie or an interesting book or magazine. Tip number 6: behave like an owner of the house
At any party or similar event, try to behave not as a guest but as a host. Rather than wait passively in the corner, become the head of the Committee for the hospitality! 04178a765b.jpg

Tip number 5: take the first step
Move closer, tell a compliment, make eye contact or just say hello to someone with whom would like to get to know. Tip number 4: Listen
You have two ears and only one mouth, so you should listen twice as much than talk. Train to listen actively and attentively. Tip number 3: Set eye contact
Try to immediately establish direct eye contact, but strive to make your eyes were gentle and kind. No drilling eyes or tension in his eyes - it ottalkivaet.ee261339ca.jpg

Tip number 2: compliment
Compliments your interlocutor. This will give him (her) to understand that you pay attention to every detail in his (her) appearance. Just talk honestly and sincerely. This can lead to unexpected results! Tip number 1: Smile!
A smile is contagious! In addition, it will make you more open to dialogue. A smile lights up your face and draws people like a magnet. Try it!

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