Doctors diagnosed the student allergic to itself

Most people with allergies are a normal way of life by receiving antihistamines. However, even these means little can help a 7-year-old boy who has been diagnosed with an allergy to himself. According to the mother of 7-year-old Junior Rakrofta (Junior Rucroft), Hopps Paula (Paula Hopps), the news of an unusual disease son caught her by surprise. The fact that doctors who examined the student diagnosed him with: allergy to his own body. "Previously, I was repeatedly called the school and said that while having my baby's hair starts his hands and then, when it touches the palms face, it begins to redden and swell - says Paula. - I could not understand what was happening, but then experts have found that the way the body reacts to its own hair follicles, that is, he is allergic to itself. Upon learning of the diagnosis, I laughed and called him crazy, but gradually realized that doctors are right. Now I need to make sure that my son had a short haircut, and he did not touch her hands to her hair ".

The mother of the schoolboy said that experts put the diagnosis was the latest in his medical history, which is a list of various allergies. "He was first diagnosed with asthma and allergy at the age of one year after I kissed her son on the cheek. As I explained to the doctors, the attack provoked walnut crumbs on my lips. I still shudder to remember the consequences of a kiss - Junior swollen face and he began to choke. Then the life of my child saved ambulance staff, who on the way to the hospital he was injected with adrenaline and given oxygen, "- she told in an interview Mirror.

Later, he examined the boy's doctors diagnosed him allergic to nuts, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, horses, grass pollen and house dust that has transformed the lives of its brothers and sisters in a constant struggle with allergens. "Every day I was with other children clean the house, to prevent the development of allergic reactions. We have a vacuum cleaner, clean and wash, trying to get rid of dust mites. However, we can not always keep him from an asthma attack, which occurs when he runs up the stairs or emotionally experiencing an event, "- concludes the mother unusual student.



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