"Alpha" - champions!

Visible proof of my words was the 29th Super SWAT International Round-Up - 2011 held in the United States. City of Orlando, Florida. It's an open world championship among policemen (mainly) special forces. This year, his sensation was the performance of the Office of the team "A" Special Purpose Center of the Russian FSB. The team consisted of eleven people, including two snipers.

After the employees 'Alpha' showed the highest results, they approached experts from other countries, and asked questions: where were you guys ?! Although at first the Americans in private conversations lips curve: you, they say, should be happy to have one fact of his arrival at this prestigious tournament. And, accordingly, do not think of any prize places.
And now - a sensation!

In the kitty of our team scoring first and second place on the Super SWATu, silver «Remington super sniper». And the title of "Best international team».

At the start, they declared themselves seventy-two teams, and the finish line was reached only fifty-nine. Several were disqualified, someone had left on their own initiative - have big claims to judge.

As noted by our friends, the Americans frankly deserves a competition. I'll tell you about a typical episode. Exercise - "Saving the wounded officer SWATa».
The sniper attack aircraft and four team run to traverse over the water to overcome obstacles with the help of clips, then a wall or a pipe run up to firing position and wearing masks, opened fire with machine guns at paper targets from a distance of 15-20 meters, albeit in competition all believed in yards. Four shots in the affected area.

After that, a new jogging, overcoming obstacles and shooting a gun at a metal target, also four shots. Then, when the team reaches the assigned zone, it is assigned a "wounded", which is evacuated to a place of overcoming water barrier.

At this time a sniper is working with the slanting roof on two small white pigeon ten centimeters in diameter. Distance - two hundred meters. You can make just two shots.

After that, the sniper put on a gas mask and runs to the firing position, which makes four shots from a pistol. The distance of ten meters, the same plates. Then runs up to the assault team, and in reverse order overcomes traverse back to the finish line.

As our comrades openly condemned in the first exercise, unproven adding them time team leader specifically took the camera and a video camera and filmed all affected targets to the organizers did not have any loose interpretations.

The time was one of the best - 3 minutes 40 seconds. When hung the overall result, it turned out that the "Alpha" added four minutes, ie It was 7 minutes and 40 seconds! One can imagine the indignation of the people who do the exercise well, and they have fraudulently steal the victory.

However, all attempts to obtain justice were in vain. The appeal was rejected. Motivation? She shakes: under the terms of the competition, photo and video film documentation is not proof! The criterion is only the opinion of the judges.

Faced with such blatant rudeness, the head of our team asked for hitting the target - then everything will be obvious! An hour later, he was informed that the target ... destroyed!

The boys were outraged and depressed at the same time. Related to the leadership in Moscow, they say: collect things and - go home! Then the officers of the "Alpha", to meet and discuss the situation, decided to stay. From the principle! "Alpha" is not accustomed to retreat. Employees, they told later, reminiscing about our heroic ancestors, the "gene winner».

Consequently, it was necessary not only to win but to do it on the highest level - to the organizers if they wanted could not turn inside out the result.

Exercise for the title of Super SWATu included running. The military ammunition "Drum," a mile overcoming water obstacle, obstacle course, including natural (forest or raised). Reaching the firing line, shoot any type of weapon (pistol, rifle or shotgun) in a 10-inch circle.

Counting system was. Zero penalties - zero minutes are added, the diameter of a little more than five centimeters - one minute, ten centimeters diameter - circle - add two minutes. Slip into the target is three minutes. After that, the participant takes off the mask and runs the second mile. Shoot, you run another mile - the same with water hazards, with an obstacle course. Then working from the machine.

From the outset, four members of "Alpha", selected for this exercise, asked a fantastic pace, the two immediately went into the lead. What can I say: nowhere to retreat - behind Moscow!

When our guys finished around, no one could believe it: "What ?! Russian." They had time to hug, take pictures, wash, change clothes - and only then tightened to finish the whole core group.

And then it began bargaining. Organizers tried to prevail upon our own, so they gave the first American who came second with a large number of misses. Then he wanted to retroactively introduce two age groups that, once again, to receive the coveted first place. But how can one challenge the obvious? In the end, the truth prevailed.

The Brazilian, which is the total time needed to become the second, was on the third position. And very upset, saying more on these events will not go. And the head of the Hungarian team (Magyars ten years go to Florida) stated in their hearts, "Yes, I realized that after all the Americans - bitch!»
... At the ceremony our employee Michael H., who became World Champion Super SWATu, was awarded a certificate for the right of free choice "Glock" any model. In any store. And again, "American nuances": an alien weapon no one will sell. And get him out is not possible. Then why are these beautiful gesture? ..

As if there was not, the officers "Alpha" displayed courage, composure and an incredible will to win. They have prevailed not only skill, but also fortitude. One of the exercises our friend received a sunstroke (temperature is +35 °), I reached the finish line and collapsed there.

We are proud of the guys, honor and glory! However, none of the official television station reported not win enchanting Russian special forces in the United States. I fill up this gap. The country should know its heroes. If not in person.
© Alexey Filatov


Source: spec-army.ru


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