Italian media: Obama loses Putin step by step

According to the Italian edition of Il Giornale, Russian President Vladimir Putin "won Obama for several months».

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The opposition of presidents of Russia and the United States against the backdrop of the crisis Ukrainian previously been likened to a game of chess, now - with a risky game of poker, writes Italian edition of Il Giornale.

According to the newspaper, "the players have unequal power." On the one hand - Vladimir Putin, who "at the hands of the best cards." Another player - Barack Obama, whose cases are not so good, he suffered defeat for the party and the party is now forced to go to great risks to get even.

According to Il Giornale, «Putin, Obama won every game" for several months - from granting political asylum to Edward Snowden, the participation of Syria in the chemical disarmament and ending the Crimea to the Russian Federation.

The latest debacle of the American president became unsuccessful attempts to reach an agreement on trade relations with Japan, as well as the lack of dynamics in the negotiations between Palestine and Israel. Now the results of collisions in the Donbass, where supporters of federalization appointed a referendum on independence on May 11 will be the deciding "game" between the two presidents.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who in Rome met with the Pope and then with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, took the opportunity to accuse Moscow of preparing for war, but on the same day it was reported that Kiev has limited water supply Crimea, the newspaper writes. In particular, so Obama can hardly be considered a reliable partner Yatsenyuk. It becomes obvious that Kiev specially stirs conflict with the East of Ukraine to push the United States and Europe to take more active hostilities. However, the US president is aware of the risks of escalation - in the case of military intervention in eastern Ukraine, Russia will have every right to do the same, and then the Donbass would be lost very quickly in Ukraine.

Excluding hostilities Obama can only continue on the path of economic war, but here his "party" consists not in the best way, according to Il Giornale. Tougher sanctions aimed at the main members of the banking and financial system of Russia, has caused concern in many European countries, for which the Russian Federation is one of the main economic partners. Also, the new sanctions can significantly hinder the return of the captured people's militia in Slavyansk members of the OSCE mission - before the German Foreign Ministry called on Moscow to help in the liberation of their people.



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