Why jobs, Zuckerberg and Obama every day in the same clothes

Have you ever thought about how much time to spend to decide what to wear today? Probably because of this duty, you come to work later than they could.

We spend a lot of precious moments of his life, occupying the head of frivolous cases and solutions. Your clothes will not change the world, not add to happiness. It does not make the day better or worse.

This does not mean that fashion is irrelevant. In the end, it has a huge impact on the culture and direction of the society. Fashion, art and culture always intersect with each other. If we recall the ' 60s in the West, then immediately understand, that people then often become a part of the counterculture and protested the establishment. Simply put, clothes can tell us about the mood in society.

However, we probably became too dependent on material culture. It's made us superficial: we're worried about clothes, but we should be concerned about more important things.

American writer Henry David Thoreau once observed: "Our life is wasted on trifles. Life would be worth to simplify".

In General, the idea is that if you make your life easier, it will be easier to focus on the big picture. A number of very successful people have adopted this philosophy and began to apply it in everyday life.

Fatigue: why many presidents of States and companies are the same every day

Do you like it or not, it's hard to argue with the fact that President Barack Obama has one of the most difficult jobs in the world. He is the leader of the most powerful country on the planet, and he has a lot to do.

Regardless of what he does, it will be criticized. Simply put, he has too many important things to think about your wardrobe. This is why Obama every day is the work one and the same suit. He has a few copies.

Once the Internet exploded after the US President had dressed themselves in the khaki suit. Although it is unlikely to have had at least some value.

Most of the time Obama, however, is of a blue or grey suit. In an article by Michael Lewis in Vanity Fair Obama explained the logic:

"You see I wear only gray and blue suits. I'm trying to cut the number of decisions I have to make. I don't want to think about what clothes I should wear. I have too many other issues requiring my decisions."

In that article, Obama also referred to the results of studies that have shown that any decision we make throughout the day, regardless of importance, depletes the brain. And because of this, we are harder to solve other problems.

As the newspaper The Guardian, "Obama narrowed my wardrobe to such an extent that now knows exactly what can always feel confident. And not think about how he looks."

Apple founder Steve jobs wore every day, black turtleneck, jeans and white sneakers.

The founder of Facebook mark Zuckerberg wears usually gray t-shirt with a black hoodie and jeans. Its hard to see out in public in something else.

Albert Einstein had a few variations on the gray suit, so he didn't have in the morning thinking what color suit to wear this time.

It is connected with the concept of fatigue. This is a real psychological condition where you are so mentally exhausted that fail to intelligently take new decisions.

All of these people, deliberately refused to follow fashion, free up space in the brain in the hope that they will be able to get to work. And something tells me that they do!

Make life simple

Indeed, the value of a collection of various clothes is not as high as it used to be. If you refuse the huge wardrobe in the flat, nothing, in fact, will not change. The President of Uruguay, josé música rejects the norms of decency and not wearing a tie. "The tie is a useless rag that's choking you," he says. And he adds:

"I'm an enemy of consumerism. Due to the fact that we think too much about shopping, we are learning to understand the fundamental things. We spend the forces of humanity on the frivolity which has no value".

He is absolutely right. The vast majority of us are too keen on material things. And when it comes to comprehend life all start to cry that all is not as we would like.

Buying a new pair of shoes will make you happier in the store, but it will not enrich your life in the long term. The joy of the transaction will pass quickly, and the emptiness will remain.

Without a doubt, the world would be very boring if we all had to wear the same thing every day — and so on until the end of days. However, their attitude to clothing could be simplified. You might think, how many unnecessary decisions we take during the day and accents in such a way to rid yourself of this.

Life is too complicated, but don't let the little things dictate whether you are happy or not. Simplify. All that can be simplified should be simplified.published

Source: lifter.com.ua


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