White House: New sanctions against Russia may be introduced as early as Monday

Leaders of the G7 countries agreed quickly to impose additional sanctions on Russia.

It is said in a statement released on the website of the White House.

"Given the urgency of ensuring the successful and peaceful democratic vote in next month's presidential election in Ukraine, we have committed to act urgently to strengthen targeted sanctions and measures that will force Russia to increase the price of its actions," the statement said.

G7 supported Kiev, noting that the Ukrainian government showed restraint during an operation in the eastern regions of the country.

"On the contrary, Russia has not taken concrete action in accordance with the Geneva agreements," - noted in a statement. Russia continues to escalate tension in Ukraine statements that cause increasing concern and military exercises on the border with Ukraine, the leader G7.

White House officials said the new financial constraints may come into force on Monday.

New sanctions against Russia, the United States and other developed countries, according to Washington, should be more effective than those already imposed.

This was announced by US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew.

"We are working with our international partners to make sure that when we do, we will do it effectively," - he said in an interview with the radio program Marketplace.

According to Liu, the goal - to have an impact on the Russian economy, although he admitted that the consequences of retaliation felt by other countries.

"When you stop doing business with such a large country as Russia, the consequences are felt beyond the borders of this country - said the head of the US Treasury. - A number of American companies are already experiencing some negative effect ยป.
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