Luxury hotel for cats Hardfordshire

In the British county of Hertfordshire opened luxurious hotel for cats.
As stated by the hotel owners and Matt Eby parsers (Abi and Matt Purser): «We believe that cats deserve the same treatment,
and their owners who give them to us, going on vacation ».

According to The Daily Mail, four-legged guests are provided with individual rooms with soft cots, mats, houses and a variety of toys. The cat was something to admire, windows overlook the courtyard, where there are bird cages (about the health of birds not reported). Cat ears will delight jazz or classical music, gently flowing from the sound system to 5 thousand. Pounds apiece (about 235 thousand. Rubles). There are massage, sunbathing and more. Finally, lunch tailed aristocrats served on a silver platter, the menu can also be very refined, for example, until cooked salmon or prawn.

Of course, the joy of cat owners in the human cost money: from 15 to 19 pounds per day (700-900 rubles), and the food will have to pay separately. For comparison, a night in a three-star hotel in London in August of this year will cost about 75-100 pounds.

The idea of ​​"hotels" for animals has been, however, as a rule, they talked about points of overexposure where pet is under the supervision could waits his master from vacation or business trip. However, the "luxury hotels" for dogs and cats in the US and Japan. It is expected that the US will soon appear a resort for pets.

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