"Corpse" on «Google Street View» proved fallen girl

Several residents of the British city of Worcester on the service «Google Street View» saw the girl's body, lying in the middle of the sidewalk. Frightened citizens began to sound the alarm, believing it to be a corpse, but fortunately wrong. "I understand why people thought it was a corpse. My daughter was playing and pretending to be dead. At least once she was joking, "said Saira Bibidzhaun, mother of 10-year-old Azur. It turned out that the girl was playing in front of the family home, even though he can not remember it. But the girl's father thinks Azur is not pretending to be dead, but stumbled and fell when ran with a friend. In any case, the scene appeared on the service «Google Street View», quite strongly frightened neighbors who on the website saw a small Azur, lying prone. This area has always been safe and the likelihood that a woman that something had happened, all very frightened.

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