Philadelphia police spying on citizens, pretending to Google Street View team

Law enforcement officers often act, based on the phrase "the end justifies the means." This applies not only to the CIS and other countries. Recently in the United States, Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), there was an interesting case: the state police disguised under his observation van Google Street View car. And find out about it by chance managed, thanks to the vigilance of professors from the University of Pennsylvania. Matt Blaze drew attention to the SUV with Google Maps Street View labels.

The scientist pointed out that the two specialized chambers to read license plate were installed on the roof of an SUV. According to Blaise, this meant that an SUV does not Google could belong. The professor concluded that it is a government car, which is disguised as cars Google Street View project. It is clear that Twitter and other social networks instantly send pictures of strange cars.

WTF? Pennsylvania State Police license plate reader SUV camouflaged as Google Street View vehicle. matt blaze (@mattblaze) May 11, 2016
 Respectable citizens of the state have brought down the police about the incident Philadelphia hail requests. Police even had to make an official statement: "We knew that this vehicle belongs to the police department, however, placing any stickers on the car has not been approved by management, the corresponding command is not surrendered. Once we found out about it, he was immediately ordered to remove the stickers. "

Interestingly, the ALPR system installed in this car is capable of producing images and recognize the thousands of license plates per hour. This automatically coordinates with these cars are determined number signs, as well as automatically determined by the owner.

Google has already said that in some cases it is cooperating with the authorities, but in this case it is about working together with the police is not. The company also reported that this car was not hers.

"We acknowledge that this is not a machine Google Maps, and now we are studying this issue," - said a company spokeswoman Susan Kadrecha (Susan Cadrecha).



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