Walking through the abandoned American malls

While many see as virtually everywhere appear in front of the giant shopping malls in the United States may be bucking the trend. Huge abandoned Megamall, who previously delighted buyers huge discounts in shops, restaurants and cinemas, is now lost its former glory and are idle. Here is a great collection of photos of abandoned malls, where the ideal backdrop for filming the post-apocalyptic movie.

Here is a map of abandoned Megamall in the United States. The Pictures of the not all. But the rest is easy to find online.

Rolling Akros was opened in 1975 and expanded several times. There were more than 140 stores. 31 December 2013 it was closed and abandoned. Expensive to demolish.

Hovtorn Plaza Mall: Hovtorn, Kalyvia
Hovtorn Plaza was opened in 1977. With him their hopes that it will breathe new life into an already slow After languishing Hovtorn city, but the miracle did not happen. There were 134 stores, but the end of the 90s the mall had to be closed.

Cloverleaf Mall: Chesterfield

Cloverleaf was opened in 1972 with 40 shops belonging to JC Penny and Spears. The shopping center was planned as a family and has been a popular pastime families in the 80s and 70s. But everything changed in the late 90s. Key Visitors Cloverleaf, middle-aged woman, began to avoid it because of the fact that there were too many aggressively minded youth. People increasingly began to see him as aggressive teenagers hung with piercings and chains, it began to occur even dismantling gangs. As this phenomenon have struggled - mall eventually went bankrupt. In 2007 the mall was closed forever.

North Towne Square Mall: Toledo, Ohio

It was opened in 1980 - as one of the measures to revitalize the economy of the city of Toledo. It posted a completely unique shops that did not exist anywhere else in the county: Chick-fil-A, Camelot Music, CVS, and Frederick's of Hollywood. During the 90s the economic problems of the city of Toledo will only exacerbate and tenants began to leave the mall. In 2005, he had almost worked. And in 2013 it was closed officially and for all.

Woodville Mall: City of Northwood, Ohio

Woodville, like other malls Ohio, did not survive the crisis in the late 90s. It was opened in 1969, and by the early 2000s, almost deserted. And in 2014, it was finally closed.

Krestvub Mall St. Louis

One of the most successful malls, Crestwood was opened in 1956 and has worked for almost 55 years. There were 90 stores and 4 fair. Newspaper St. Louis Today describes the reasons for closing it: "Like many malls in the country, he could not compete with new ways of selling goods, such as trade on the Internet, and new entertainment centers". In 2013 it was closed and put up for sale, if it will be sold - the locals would like to see it opened again.

Dixie Square Mall: Harvey

Dixie was opened in 1966 and has worked for 13 years. In 1979 there were filmed scenes of the film "The Blues Brothers." A year later, the mall was closed, as was the very dysfunctional criminal place. It is still neglected.

Turfland Mall Lexington

It was the first mall opened in Turflande in 1967. He was popular until the mid '90s, before the area was opened to the other mall. It was closed in 2008.

Randall Park Mall: North Randall, Ohio

Randal was opened in 1976 and closed in 2009. In the 95th there were 120 stores and more than 5,000 employees. In the early 2000s, the mall has become bent. In 2008, he was virtually empty. Mall is planned to dismantle and build in its place an industrial park.

Source: bigpicture.ru


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