The food on the menu and actually

Writes blogger Sergey Mukhammedov:

Once in the restaurant I ordered a "Ebi umi Sarada." Well, that is at that moment I did not know that it's "Ebi umi Sarada," and just pointed at my favorite salad in the picture ...
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Mobile photo does not convey the beauty of the restaurant, and printing for you, I found this dish online institutions.

I ordered and waited and then I bring ...

No, I have a photo that's not eaten with a fork is not picked, in this form and put it on the table. That's right: shrimp fried in soy sauce and Skye, lettuce, or in our own lettuce and tobiko - flying fish roe. Even in the presence of a lemon. Errors could not be. I then said, and the waiter checked with the account. In the photo not advertising, "Eby umi Sarada."

I understand, photography in the menu - not just a pretty picture of food. This little story, the story of appetizing and aesthetic enjoyment, illustration, image to create the necessary dishes. His choice and the first opinion about the product we are building it for photos.

But this means that the picture on the menu and it performs certain tasks of marketing. And every institution itself decides which way to go - in any way to make a dish to buy in the hope that its taste will outweigh the disappointment of appearance. Or to find a compromise between the image on the paper and the product on the plate.

The following week, I behaved very strange, since: deciding to eat, choose places with pictures of food, ask the waiter to take the menu and waved his arms in the satellites, decided to touch the dishes before I photograph them. Thus began my research "Food menu and actually┬╗.

Let's start with soups. On the left - in the menu on the right - in reality:



I specifically chose the only successful institution. There are clearly seen two approaches to the smallest detail to follow the image, or, as I wrote above, "to create the image of food." Most successful in this fast food.



There is even a special profession - fudstilist. Some of them are trying to get a result as possible corresponds to the actual image, and others to be creative. Products are painted, watered hairspray nedovarivayutsya, roast construction hairdryer bowl of soup is enclosed architectural clay to pieces of meat appeared on what is broth instead of cream used PVA glue. And even special dumplings are removed - without filling.

If a product seems plausible to me personally, it is still a real steam comes from the tea in the picture or steaming mug soaked in water and heated in the microwave Tampax.

As it turned out, to find a very honest picture menu, you can. Here are some examples






But I'm a little upset when, instead of calling the aesthetic pleasure illustrations ...

I bring this



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