What is the cost to get to the Crimea?

Today, Putin's Press conference told how much will cost tickets to the Crimea.

Those who have this summer is going to rest in our new warm region, the cost of transport will come about are:
Second-class train carriage 2-2, 5 thousand rubles
The aircraft will more expensive - 7, 5 thousand rubles

And there anymore and you will not reach anything. Through the north of the normal route, get hardly be possible: Ukraine closes the movement of trains from the north of the Crimean peninsula.
So, you will need to get either to Anapa, Krasnodar, either before, and then have to move to the coast of the Black Sea from there - either by ferry or by the courts to get to the respective ports.

And there is also the hotel. It's quite a complicated thing. And if it will not be cheap, then solve the problem occupancy of the Crimean coast is not possible. 2 mower train for five hundred and seven of the aircraft, in principle adequately.



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