Circling USS Russian SU-24

imitation Su-24 attack on the US Navy destroyer made a demoralizing effect on the crew of the 27-member crew of the destroyer filed resignation. Commenting on the actions they said they do not intend to expose their lives to danger.
The Pentagon on Monday issued a statement which says that the Russian Su-24 bomber on Saturday several times went close to a US Navy destroyer Donald Cook in the Black Sea and at the same time several times imitated military attack.
According to the agency Reuter Pentagon spokesman Col. Steven Warren, a Russian bomber flew twelve times at low altitude near the USS. He called these maneuvers frightening and unacceptable, as it demoralizes the staff of the ship and have a negative impact on the overall psychological climate in the military.
Warren noted that the destroyer patrolled the waters to the west of the Black Sea, where the incident occurred. According to him, the ship is safe in the Romanian port, which was evacuated. The crew members of the ship are the necessary procedures with the psychologist to recover after suffering stress.
"Donald Cook" - third in a row, the US Navy ship that was sent to the Black Sea for the last time. Earlier, the US had already sent the waters of the sea missile frigate Taylor, but the ship ran aground in the Black Sea coast of Turkey, because of what was not able to continue to fulfill its mission.
According to international maritime treaties American ships can not be located in the Black Sea for more than 14 days, and the excess of this period gives the legal right to make a Russian missile attack and destroy these ships, without declaration of war the United States. Knowing about such a possibility, the crew members and commanders of the American ships naturally fear for their lives. Although the Pentagon has promised to increase the amount of insurance of servicemen from 1 mln. 3 mln., it's like a little one calms down, so how to survive in the open sea, and then get the insurance paid little chance, but the dead do not need money.



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