20 Americans lost near Donetsk

CIA Director came to Kiev in search of the missing mercenaries. Under the Donetsk completely lost about 20 employees of the American company Greystone Limited, provides services for military operations. I find traces of the missing Americans could not even CIA director. According to analysts, John Brennan came to Kyiv specifically to clarify the fate of mercenaries. Ukrainian authorities to help him nothing could.
The head of the CIA visited Kiev on Saturday, April 12. On Monday, the US State Department officially confirmed the visit of John Brennan. According to some reports, he was there for a meeting with the leaders of Ukrainian special services.

Private military company Blackwater was registered in Barbados. Since 2009, she received a new name Greystone Limited. Employees are involved in armed conflicts around the world. With them he was related scandal in 2004 in Iraq. Then the mercenaries shot a peaceful demonstration.
In Ukraine, the Americans brought in the form of units of special forces of Ukraine "Jaguar" and "Falcon". They took part in the suppression of protests in the Lugansk and Donetsk.

Source: lifenews.ru


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