According to the leading news agencies of the world, on Saturday, April 12, 2014, the plane Russian Air Force Su-24 (option is not specified), flew over the USS "Donald Cook", equipped with the latest American ship multifunctional combat information control system "Aegis ", as well as weapons, among other things, cruise missiles" Tomahawk ". On Monday, April 14, the Pentagon issued a surprisingly emotional comment about the incident sobytiya.Ego spokesman Colonel Steve Warren, said: "These provocative and unprofessional actions of Russia do not correspond to its national rules, and the previous agreements on the professional interaction between the armed forces of our countries" . As Warren said that the Russian Su-24, which, apparently, was not on board the combat arms, 12 times went close to USS, on Saturday, when he was in international waters off the coast of Romania. < br /> I do not know how anyone, and I was so emotional and even somewhere hysterical speech of serious guys from the Pentagon, it seemed very, very strange.

Because really, what this, that the unarmed bomber, frankly, not the last generation has passed, even 12 times, close to the latest, armed to the teeth, specializing in air defense destroyer US? For example, during the confrontation between the USSR and the USA, these aircraft overflew the ships of both nations produced almost always! So what happened this time? With so hurt Americans? Moreover, according to semi-official, appeared on secondary search engines information after the incident, "Donald Cook" urgently went to the port and there are 27 Romanian crew members have written a letter of resignation and left, or set out to abandon ship. This is indirectly confirmed by the words of the same statement the Pentagon. It argues that this action has demoralized the crew.
Here I was absolutely confused happening. The fact that this suffering destroyer, USS Donald Cook (DDG-75) type "Arleigh Burke", belongs to a class of destroyers URO, multirole combat fast maneuverable ships, designed for anti-submarine warfare, aircraft (including missiles) and enemy ships, as well as for the protection and defense of the United ships or convoys of ships at sea passage. In service of this ship are including two 6-barrel storage "Phalanx" and up to 74 missiles RIM-66 SM-2 "Standard-2».
In other words, the specialization of the ship, it is a struggle not only with such low-speed small maneuvering targets as the SU-24, but with the goals much more difficult - with anti-ship missiles that speed and mobility are higher and agility they are not limiting congestion on the crew and stealth, they are much greater than the Su-24.
It would seem, what is there to demoralize - sit yourself, turn the air defense, "Aegis", but worked out in close to real conditions, reflection attack aircraft likely opponent! But no, the crew was demoralized, 27 people have written statements with the phrase - "It is not going to risk their lives", and the pride of the US Navy immediately dashed off, dropping feces, to the port of Romania ...

So what happened in international waters?
I believe the answer lies behind this mysterious name as "Khibiny". According to Wikipedia, Hibiny - a mountain massif on the Kola Peninsula in the Murmansk region, located 150 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. But, of course, not by the Khibiny was intimidated by the crew of the destroyer.
"Khibiny" - is the newest Russian complex electronic warfare, which will be installed on all promising Russian aircraft.
Data about it, how many did not seek, has not found, but it says here that the Su-24 was already used in exercises in Buryatia. So, there is nothing that can demoralize the military man, as his own powerlessness! The situation in the light of the foregoing, I see the following. April 10, 2014, the above-mentioned destroyer arrived in the neutral waters of the Black Sea to carry out acts of intimidation and demonstration of force - due to the intransigent stance of Russia in Ukraine and the Crimea. Prior to that, in the Black Sea was, in violation of the Montreux Convention, another American missile destroyer "Trakstan" (the Ponte ran aground, all at once, and believe). That is, there is a typical, American favorite, rat race - saber rattling and the international rudeness.
Russia's reaction was calm but deadly: April 12, in international waters, flew unarmed Su-24, but with the "Khibiny" under the wing.
Further, all developed approximately in such a scenario, "Cook" spotted from afar the approach of "drying" played alarm and stopped at action stations. Everything went normally, radars considered a course of rapprochement with the aim of "Aegis" guided properly manage the system. And then - bang! All extinguished. "Aegis" is not working, the screen shows turbidity, even the "Phalanx" can not receive target information! SU-24, meanwhile, was on the deck, "Cook", made a U-turn and fighting simulated missile attack on the target. Of course, a successful - because there is no counter! Then he turned and faked another. And so on - even 10 times! All attempts technicians revive the "Aegis" and give target designation for air defense, failed, and only when the silhouette of "drying" melted into the haze over the Russian coast, the screens came to life, and the guidance system in good faith reported a net shining emptiness April sky.
Summarize. Most likely, after the SU-24 included in the immediate vicinity of the "Cook", "Khibiny", the whole air defense destroyer out of order. Russian, checking system performance EW 12 (!) Times simulated attack on an American ship. During all this time, the crew was unable to revive extinguished CICS. She earned only when the SU-24 left on base rate. It was then that he realized his own powerlessness against a complex EW conventional bomber, and 27 people have filed reports on the resignation.



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